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Happy Summer Solstice

Summer is for joy, for fun, for allowing the seeds you planted in the spring to grow. Much more Patience is required to get to harvest if you are not living in the moment That is why it is a great time to take that vacation, get a bit more exercise and of course spend time pulling weeds, watering, and adding a bit of fertilizer to “your garden” from time to time while you concentrate on joy and each now moment As much as I love being with my son and changing up our routine by not setting the alarm so early, that part of me that just wanted to keep going with my projects got a little frustrated during summer time when he was little This year, even though he is driving and has a job, there is still a bit of adjustment to summer, so when reading about the need for patience being required in summer makes this slowing down a LOT easier on my mind It is not just my son slowing me down, it is my body Turns out I was going a bit far, a bit too fast adding foods back to my diet and keeping a pace that was once normal for me. Now I am taking my foot off the gas again and being patient with my body and my writing projects allowing the new shoots to grow a little bit before I know what color they are, what actually is going to be ready to harvest and when What are you enjoying this summer that fosters the growth you planted in spring? Tell me, I really want to know

Wednesday evening meditation Click here to register I am feeling an herbal lemonade to celebrate summer since it actually is summer solstice tomorrow!

I am still taking clients Regardless of the slowing down, I am still working. It is what energizes me and supports my household Last week I helped someone the same way I used Brainspotting for myself I usually sell packages of 3 session On this client’s 3rd session, she came to the zoom meeting with confusion about her treatment plan for her health condition, with which doctors to choose to work with and which specific treatments that might help By the end of the session we had talked to her organs, found out at a deeper level really what was going on and which treatments would work for her and we were given a sneak peak at HOW they would work She left the session with confidence that no doctor could offer, with a better connection to her body and with relief This truly is what I love to do, help people establish confidence in whatever decisions they need to make, connect to their inner wisdom without doubt, really get to know their body and find relief from the burdens of the mind and being human If that sounds good to you, reply to this email or book your sessions from this link So much love to you Sheri

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