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Food relationship series, Love instead of fear, no Wednesday evening gathering this week

I am starting again this week with announcements before I talk about the beauty of the Monday Morning message of love instead of fear

I have finally published the food series. It took it's time coming into form, but I could not be more pleased with my work with it.

Some things happen so naturally within me that it takes time to break them apart and find all the tools and steps that I used to transform myself.

Food is such a person thing rooted in tradition and survival, real or imagined. The ideas we have around food can be so deeply planted in the brain, that we have no idea what is driving our thoughts, behaviors and attitudes around what we choose to eat and why we are choosing that.

However, food IS medicine. Food can be how we nourish and heal ourselves, and it can be how we create illness and stagnation in our body and mind.

Do you need a more empowered relationship with food?

Would you like to know how to get into alignment to promote health, wellness, vitality and longevity In your body?

Did you know that cravings start in the brain? And that you CAN reprogram your brain to naturally gravitate to the healing, sustaining, life giving foods that support your health and wellness goals?

Click here if you are interested in learning more about the food series that is probably the most exciting thing I have ever created to help you get more in touch with your body

There is NO Wednesday evening gathering this week for summer we have moved to every other week

Facebook live panel discussion about nourishment 6pm central

I hope you can join us for a deep discussion about nourishment of all kinds and how they are related. My friend Kay Eck organizes the most interesting conversations and I am delighted she asked me to host this one. Join us here to watch it live or if you can't see It live, watch it later I expect it to be a rich discussion.

Among other amazing and connected women, Joann Mann from Walden Farmacy will be joining us

Monday Morning was so powerful

We have moved into a time where LOVE is the predominant energy.

Now what Is predicted and what I can feel, is that with love being the dominant energy flooding the planet instead of fear, it will be easier to transmute the fear in our bodies. It will be easier to choose love.

I can feel the shift. I have been witnessing this in myself and my clients already over the last few weeks. I just couldn't put it into words until now.

We started to breath into our bodies wherever we needed the energy. We moved into receiving love into the RNA and out the DNA, releasing the fear programming.

We then had greater access to an energy of being unhurried in our lives, in our transformation, In our spiritual quests, as we let the fear driving all of that go.

We acknowledged that it was fear driving all the hurrying. The hurrying activates the mind and gives way to thoughts that lead people to go in circles and make less than good decisions.

When we are unhurried and calm, we have more room for play, more room for authentic inspiration to rise.

It is the authentic inspiration that creates the life of our dreams

The very last message of the gathering is this....      It only gets better from here!

Private sessions

Summer is here, and I want to remind you, there is no better time than NOW to take care of yourself, to support yourself

My work has taken on such a physically grounded element, and I am more excited than ever about the impact it is having on people

When we notice the affect our emotions and long established patterns have on our nervous system that keep us locked in, we have even more power to change things for the better. I have a greater capacity to empower you with the tools of brainspotting and the nervous system work I have brought in

So, if you need support, or you know anyone who does, please think of me. Reply to this email to book a session if you need a time not offered on the calendar or if you need to use the sliding scale. Click here to book using the calendar.

So much love surrounding you


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