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Flowing with the cycles of life

I read an interesting email Sunday night from one of my favorite astrologers, Marcia Wade from Star Sister Astrology. My favorite line in the email was this "This new moon isn't the game changer, it's the one that invites you to BECOME the game changer, with all the energetic support to do exactly that!"

In that email she showed how each new moon builds on each other from January this year through July. If we stay in tune and present, we will naturally flow with the cycle of this year leading us to our future

And there again in meditation we were invited to master ourselves, without controlling things, to focus, to choose and to flow with life, to flow with the support of the universe, and to envision our future as well as cultivate the energy that helps us take the actions that create our future

Are you willing to partner with the universe, the earth and your body to create the future you want to live?

What do I want to create? I want to create a world where people are so connected to their bodies that after realizing the mechanics of their body, they can tap into the deep recesses of their mind and find out how to heal themselves with food, earth medicine and/or western medicine when necessary.

I would want everyone to feel confident that was possible and trust their brain and body to give them the answers with clarity

We might be far away from that world right now, mainstream wise, but person by person who knows that it is possible, and develops that connection BEFORE they are super sick, may either never get sick or find it easier to heal

That is why I am telling you about the program I want to offer starting mid April. I want to help you with your relationship with food. We all need food to survive. Most of us crave foods that comfort us or make us feel better immediately and often foods that make us feel worse in the long run

Most of us have abused our bodies with food or with starvation. We have been addicted to sugar or carbs, we have delved deep into fad diets or we have resisted diet culture all together

We have controlled people with food, used food as connection, we have been taught to comfort ourselves with the wrong foods, used food as entertainment and many other distortions around this beautiful life giving substance - food

If you could cut off your unhealthy cravings and take control of your health, would you?

Last year right about this time I found out I had tumors in my liver. I had been going to doctors for the previous year and a half trying to figure out what was going on with my body, when finally I went back to Dr Elliott who told me there was something seriously wrong with my liver.

We took the next few weeks running tests and getting all the other parts of my body in better balance before we found the tumors. We talked about self healing and we talked western medicine. I had healed my body from stage 3 endometriosis after several surgeries and medications. I healed from severe chemical allergies and mold exposure, so I was going to try to heal this before I consulted western doctors that used extreme measures

I knew the best way to heal the liver was to let it rest, and that meant fasting. I had never been able to fast. My blood sugar dropped... That was always my excuse anyway

So, since I knew that was the best first step, I got into my brain using brainspotting to go into and heal the trauma from when I used to starve myself. That led me to work in my brain on the many other traumas around food and my relationship to it

Lo and behold the very next day I started to intermittent fast between 16 and 23 hours a day. My blood sugar never dropped. I never got hungry either, and I felt good. My mood was stable. My body became healthier every day

After 2 months of finding out I had the tumors, with a long protocol and help from Dr Elliott and a retreat center on the big island of Hawaii, after several old fashioned liver cleanses, two tumors exited my body

I want to empower you to know your body, to be able to eat the foods that support your body, not having to fight your cravings or be miserable, feeling deprived. Never once over the 9 months I took to completely cleanse my body, did I feel deprived nor did I falter in my decision to be dedicated to healing

I know that was all possible because of the brainspotting

The Food Class will be a three session series, online. We are using the online platform so it is easy to record and listen to if you need to miss a class, although you will want to be at all of them if you can

We will do group Brainspotting and address all the ways we have experienced trauma around food. Brainspotting is amazing to help unwind and reprogram the brain, where all cravings start, and where bad decisions are made

You don't have to be vulnerable in front of anyone else. All you have to do to participate is breath, move your eyes as directed and breath some more

Please respond to this email with any preferences to the below questions

I want to know if you would prefer the classes on a weekday or on a weekend?

I also want to know if you have any particular traumas around food besides the ones I mentioned?

This class uses neuroscience and spirit. This is practical. This is effective. It feels like a miracle.

Wednesday evening Gathering

Join us in the creation fields this Wednesday evening at 6:15 for alchemy crystal sound bowls and a community of souls who are loving and accepting

We always have something to drink that is medicinal and goes with the season. I will see this week how the weather is, both physically and cosmically before I decide

I make them delicious as well as functional. I always soften the nervous system to help you drop deeper into meditation

Click here to join us or reply to this email or text me

Private sessions

If you don't want to wait until April to get your behaviors around food in order, come in for a private session

If you are having trouble with the season change, your health, your motivation, your relationships or your connection to yourself or spirit, please consider a private session

Click here to book or reply to this email if you need to use the sliding scale

Much love to you, happy daylight savings time

(I am sure in a few days I will be adjusted)


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