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Equinox sound bath / Surrender / walking through the gate

You surrender by knowing you have to And loving the part that doesn’t want or know how to surrender Without rushing the process I know that sounds simple, but over time, once you shine a light on something, and love yourself through it, that really is all that is required to start the dissolving of it This works with big and small things You know how last week I said I wasn’t surrendered about my friend’s death? well, there was even more shadow in me that came to light with his illness I loved the parts of myself all week that were feeling undervalued, that were proving, that were missing my friend I just kept having to love myself, and spoke the intention of surrender all week long Even though it didn’t seem to be working I loved the parts of me that were embarrassed that I wasn’t as conscious as I thought, that broke down… all the human things What things are you measuring your self worth by? What are you identifying as, that if you stopped, you would have a more rich and real life? Sunday something changed around value and being human I started to lift Then Monday morning I was willing to let Nick go Before I even had a conscious thought about it, I said out loud to Nick, that he was free and subsequently, I felt free This doesn’t mean I won’t miss Nick tomorrow, next weekend, or whenever I think of him I will miss him much for a long time What has changed is that one of his favorite plants now lives in my workspace and when I walked in yesterday after letting him go, it didn’t tug at my heart, it made me smile I felt joy instead of sadness Monday Meditation after this was so good, and the synopsis is at the end of this email This process is part of what I do in my work. I hold the space for you so that you might see how you are measuring your self worth and I love you through the process of feeling your worth, until you can do it yourself I help people surrender I bring people closer to love Click here if you would like to schedule or reply to this email

Wednesday Evening Meditation and Saturday Equinox Sound Bath You know when I learn/ choose new things, you all get a powerful meditation Well, I have gone through it this last month and I am here for the freedom that brings, for the lightness that creates I will probably have to surrender some more, but after Monday Meditation, I am in surrender of everything that isn’t serving me and open to everything that will Are you here for it?! Click here to register for Wednesday Saturday is officially Equinox Equinox is a powerful point in time energetically I know it is short notice, but we will have a class Saturday if I get at least 4 people registered by Friday morning I am going to do something a little different Breath and Bowls with tea ceremony We are going to use a conscious breathwork pattern that I learned in Hawaii that will put you into a deep state The sound bowls carry frequencies that ground, balance, soothe, enhance love, forgiveness and connect you deeper to yourself and all that is We will start our gathering with an aged, ceremonial grade Puerh tea called Samadhi Samadhi is a state of equanimity where the intellect goes beyond its normal function of discrimination. This in turn, loosens one from their physical body. A space between what is you and your body is created. In this state, there is no time or space This tea has caffeine, so please let me know if you prefer an herbal tea without caffeine We will have a short period of silence as we partake in the tea, then we will talk a little bit about the equinox, what this time period has to offer in the season and with the astrological influences You will lie down, or sit if you prefer, to practice the breath while I play the bowls I will guide meditation, but probably speak less than I would in one of my normal classes This will be an extraordinary experience Click here to register

Walking through the gate to a new life What if you were given an opportunity to walk into a version of yourself that knew everything and nothing at all? That could not be prepared for what was to come, but was ready for whatever was to come? We are starting all sessions lately with clearing the body and the field, and then strengthening the field so that we are intact, and less influenced by other energies, other opinions, or anything that would weaken us We tapped into the future version of ourselves, the version that was strong and confident, and could offer even more stability to our field We imagined ourselves taller and stronger in our body We remembered that we aren’t going to do everything perfectly, and that is OK! We forgave ourselves and our humanness Devotion We meditated on devotion to ourselves, to our individual path and to humanity as a whole, knowing our true path could not be destructive to another, knowing that being responsible to ourselves also calls us into community We opened our ribcage to make more room for the version of ourself that has already walked through that gate What would finally feeling whole even feel like? We pondered while we sat at the gate dipping our toe over the other side and then bringing it back I spoke of all the times I thought I had surrendered and then realized I hadn’t surrender at all I was just sitting at the gate pretending to surrender Feeling whole is surrendering everything for real Everything we thought we knew, everything we didn’t know Then Uranus came into the room reminding us he was part of the upcoming eclipses. He is the change maker, the disruptor. He will show you the path forward with ease, if you surrender We pondered complexity and simplicity Can we take all the complexity of energy and astrology and create a simple relationship with it? We looked at the complexity of the many layers of life, when things feel so real, can we make it simple? Take care of our body, look for something beautiful, eat something healthy and delicious or take a walk, whatever makes sense to you How simple can we make it?! We invited that future version of ourselves to take up residence, not just in the soft tissues of our body, but deep into our bones We got this, whatever chaos in the fields, in our personal lives, we can tap the knowing, the confidence, the peace of who we really are, the version who already walked through the gate This was a rich meditation that as I read through it again this morning, I have the knowing, this will be a process to integrate Over the next few months I am committed to loving me, the version I am right now and the version of me that has surrendered even more deeply to the known and to the unknown So much love to you in this changing time Sheri

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