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Creation with integrity

What a wonderful idea at this early stage of the calendar year. As we are still cocooning a bit, as our growth is mostly under ground right now, the light is returning as we are at Imbolc, the midway point between winter and spring

I want to live my life, work and relationships creating joy and connection, experiencing meaningful moments that build on each other

That is the only way isn’t it? Every day builds on the next, so I can’t move forward until I choose to. I remember being over at a friends a year or two ago saying that I saw myself in older age very active, strong and flexible. He, in his realness, said, what are you doing today to support that? It was true, I wasn’t getting much strength exercise, I certainly wasn’t doing anything to promote flexibility

I started exercising much more regularly for fun last summer and currently, I am doing something every single day (even if only a few minutes) for my body’s strength and flexibility. It feels wonderful, and it feels super supportive of that statement I made to create my later years healthy, strong and flexible

I don’t spend a lot of time berating myself for allowing health issues and divorce to keep me from strengthening my body. I feel there are perfect times for rest and reflection and there are other times for action. I am grateful to be in the flow of support from the universe, taking action to create my body and my life the way I want it to be now

Personally, the way I have discovered the most support from the universe is using the specific energy available. There is no force. There is intention, there is connection to my purpose, and there is trust, that the universe has an order that I can tap into for more ease and for growth

Monday Meditation

Today we spent a lot of time just connecting to our bodies. We accepted ourselves, body and mind, exactly as we are. Making way for a greater embodiment of the energy since this energy is strong and important.

We worked in the heart, really connecting to the heart mind and expanding throughout the whole chest and arms, flowing energy in and out through the heart and hands

Neptune came in to work in the back of our brain to bring into our awareness over the next few weeks, where we have held onto half truths, distorted truths, and outright lies that we had believed due to religious indoctrination, family, and society programming

Neptune works in the sub and un conscious mind, which is where the roots of these distortions live. The distortions live all over the body creating unconscious actions and reactions to our surroundings and relationships

I felt called to share a few religious and spiritual “truths" I used to believe that freed me at first and then trapped me. I am not against religion or the law of attraction or anything that supports you or frees you, we just have to make a conscious effort to not get trapped in a new doctrine that limits you or creates an environment of action for an exchange for blessings or fear of punishment.

I don’t want anyone thinking their health condition is a punishment or that good works create _______. I feel like that is the biggest lie of all.

The truth is life happens, what we do with it, how much resistance we have to it or how much we are willing to flow with it determines our experience

As we worked deep in our energetic center of creation (2nd chakra), we found distortions that we were able to release with our breath

We connected to the energy of purity of what is possible and clarity of how to go about it

We voiced the intention to create without distortion, with integrity, with love, with resilience and with surrender to the flow of the universe

We brought in curiosity and wonder to bring a lightness to our realizations that will be forthcoming

Special class Feb 11

As soon as we got to the point in meditation where I had asked for the increased awareness about outdated and distorted beliefs, I remembered this piece from an astrology report. When I read the report, I remember thinking “I should do a class that day”

I put that class on the calendar yesterday

“On February 11, Saturn aligns at the midpoint between the Galactic Centre and Truthteller Eris in Aries

When the Galactic Centre is in the cosmic viewfinder, a time of accelerated evolutionary growth is inevitable. Frame it as a de-fragging process of your mental hard drive, as the centrifuge of the Galactic Centre spins your outdated belief systems, mind viruses, self-hypnosis and Matrix collective trance away from the centre, revealing an empty space where you are receptive to grace - an emptiness which is also full; a mind melt with higher voltage deep space information from the Cloud or Noosphere. Pointing to what is Beyond what you know now and at the same time to what you have always known in your inner depths.” by Lorna Bevan Hare in the moon

I want to help you connect to your inner depths

The truth is these things are happening in the sky whether you come to class or not, but when we operate with awareness, resistance subsides, and evolution happens with more ease

This is so exciting to me. Saturn and the Galactic Center are two of my favorite energies to work with, and I LOVE finding truth and helping you all remember truth

Click here to register for the free online class 10-11am central Saturday morning Feb 11. We will move right into meditation and have discussion afterwards

Click here to come in person. To come in person, there is a fee. We will start a bit earlier at 9:40 with discussion, tea and energy medicine, then we will bring people online in for the meditation. They will stay for discussion after the meditation

I will not be walking around the room

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