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Build your energy field to diffuse chaos before it hits the body

As I reflect back on the Wednesday evening class and Monday, I recognize the theme of building the energy field around our body.

The point is not to create a barrier to the chaos, but having the intelligence to diffuse the chaos before it hits our body. This way we can be aware in our mind and body and also have clarity of how to handle things and not to be so triggered by what is going on.

A simple practice of breathing into your heart with the intention of brightening our internal light, and allowing that light to pour out into the field around our body for a few minutes right now or in the morning before you get out of bed could be enough. A regular practice when you are calm, creates more success when you are stressed.

I feel like this is such a timely reminder at the holidays. All the expectations and stimuli this time of year can be a lot, so to build your field and reduce your triggers can keep you less likely to be manipulated into over scheduling or over drinking, over eating, and excessing in all the ways this culture creates that prevents the deep dive inward that nature intended for this time of year.

Nature gave us plenty of indication late summer that we would have a big cold and flu season this year by giving us a bumper crop of elderberries. Nature often gives us exactly what we need. So, be sure to keep your immune system healthy and give yourself rest as soon as you feel something coming on. I canceled all my plans over the weekend because of just this reason. I meditated and drank ginger tea and moved that illness and grief from my lungs up my body into and then out of my sinuses over a 3 days period instead of doing what I would have done years ago, which would have looked more like taking lots of Advil and pretending I was fine and then going down hard with illness that would have lasted 7-10 days.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. No Wednesday evening mediation this week.

I love you and thank you for reading


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