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Monday's meditation was about becoming what you are meant to be, taking the best parts of you from your past that you shut off, bringing them back to life and allowing the light to break you apart from the inside to access the you that you haven't known yet

I/we have been working with the Ohia Lehua tree essence, created by Ke'oni from Po' The Ohia Lehua tree is the first tree that grows from the lava years after the lava flowed from inner earth.

Ohia brings life from the destruction, and not just life, but beautiful, lush, fragrant life. Ke'oni calls

this essence "divine pain" because it teaches you to turn pain into pleasure, from deep in the body.

Before meditation as we discussed what people had been doing over the last week, we were talking about cleaning out closets and rooms in the house, about choosing what people were keeping and what they were getting rid of. It was a whole theme. Then we went into mediation and the energy helped us do the same things with the energies inside our bodies.

Once we went into sound and meditation, the first word that came in was "becoming". We were reminded that what you choose in every aspect of life absolutely contributes to what you become.

We are all in the process of becoming, consciously or unconsciously, we choose what we focus on, what we do with our time, the energy of the things and people in our household and the energy, physical clutter( chemicals, foods, products we put on our skin) and emotions we keep or let go of from our body.

We energetically cracked open inside the rib cage to allow the light that has been trapped in our body to shine, the parts we had shut off and the parts that had never shined bright before.

This week it was imperative that people understood this light isn't coming from outside of themselves, it is coming from within.

We closed meditation with the word and energy of "becoming" once again

What are you choosing to become?

Wednesday evening Meditation

The work is to breath and to listen to the beautiful sounds from the crystal alchemy bowls . That is IT!

Presence and Becoming are our themes. Can we make the act of becoming less about the end goal, but a process that is fun, creative, and unhurried? knowing we will be becoming for the rest of our lives

Click here to join us. We have space lately

Private session work

This is where we really get it done! With focus and attention on the specific parts of your body and brain we can work through, with relative ease, the stickiest and most long running distortions, helping you to create better relationships, know your worth and value, and slip into the flow of life.

People usually walk out feeling better, able to communicate in ways they had not before, with more understanding of why they make the choices they have made and the capacity to make new choices, or create stronger boundaries

I really love working with bodies and helping you get more connected to be able to hear what yours is saying about your health and about your life. It is a truly empowering thing to be able to hear what your body is telling you

Email to book a session

The sliding scale is still in effect

Thank you so much for reading

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