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Are you functioning from ego or intuition

The problem with the ego is it is afraid of what is different or what it doesn't know

The worst thing is to pretend to know what you don't know. What is harder than that? Thinking you know something and finding out you don't. Then there is not even knowing there is something to know. ha ha ha That is a rabbit hole... At the beginning of every meditation class I ask if anyone has anything that they need to bring into the circle, what are they dealing with that brings them to class? Monday the ask was having a greater capacity to act from inspiration rather than acting from ego. Interestingly enough, we started working in the spleen. That is one organ I had never been inspired to talk about before. (if you know me, you know I don't plan what I speak about during meditation). We spent a bit of time clearing the spleen and then welcoming the ego and recognizing that the ego will be part of us forever. Side note: The ego is a large part of our personality and we regularly remind the mind/ego that we will always need it, we are not leaving it behind, we are only asking it to evolve to serve its highest purpose, rather than being stagnant in thinking it knows everything already or HAS to be a certain way. Anyway, due to the fact that we spent so much time in the spleen, I needed to look that up today and find out what the spleen does energetically and what it does physically. Physically the spleen houses the while blood cells and filters the damaged red blood cells leading to a balance of red and white blood cells and platelets. Energetically (I LOVE this) it transforms water and food into chi or qi. The spleen is where our life force energy is created! How have I done this all these years and not remembered that?!!! I remember learning about the spleen about 12 or 15 years ago, but this did not stick! I will make it a practice from now on to love my spleen! The body and how we function in it as energetic beings is so fascinating! I have started looking into Human Design out of a curiosity to know HOW I do what I do. Since it is just natural to me, I have always accepted it as part of me, but lately I have gotten curious since people are asking me to teach them what I do. I have to know what I do in order to teach it. I digress, in Human Design, the splenic authority is associated with a quick intuitive knowing. This knowing is a whisper, and if we don't recognize it quickly and take it into consideration, we will loose or forget the knowing. What I also know about human design is that, even if we don't possess a specific gift or way of being, that we can learn it from others if we observe them doing it. With practice, we can make it our own. I do not have a splenic authority, but my son does. I feel like in the last 10 years or so, I have definitely had access to a faster, more spontaneous knowing. I didn't put it together that this was from him, but I have said that he was here to teach me some things and he has taught me lots just from his presence since the day he was born. As he has gotten older, I love watching him work, make decisions and become himself. So take a few breaths right now and connect with your spleen. It is on the left side of the stomach, behind the rib cage, send it love, ask it to clear any energetic debris, drink lots of water. Then connect to your intuition from your spleen. We will be practicing this in meditation over the next month or so to strengthen our quick intuitive senses. You may always default to your normal way of processing and decision making, but it never hurts to enhance another source of intuition. We were also reminded that we are always more connected to our intuition when we connect with the earth, regardless of how you are designed. There is an energetic and physical exchange of ions when we put our feet or hands on the ground, a plant, a tree, in the water. If it is raining we breathe these ions readily. I don't feel like I can express with words in this email, without making it book length, how we pulled apart all the ways the ego/mind works. It was definitely an experience of allowing ourselves to witness how the ego protects us, works against us, and open to how it can propel us. Ultimately we want the ego mind to merge with the heart and somewhere in our gut to tie together all the ways we can source intuition and take (wait for sometimes) inspired action. The person who asked for that sent me a text in the afternoon about how he felt that a miracle had taken place since he could sense the difference between his ego and his intuition better than before. Most people say that about working with me, they get what they ask for, and usually pretty quickly. Someone else came in to see me for a private session yesterday that said it is so hard to tell people what I do because it sounds too good to be true. To tell people they felt fine, but also kinda wonky, there was nothing "wrong", but everything seemed hard. Then they come in to see me and start talking about stuff that feels unimportant, but takes us to the source of the wonky, hard feelings. Once they get on the table, we followed the energy around the body from breath to breath, finding the source of where the heavy energies have lived in the physical tissues that make it hard to speak her honest emotions. They come out feeling lighter, more clear minded, more confident in their words and full of trust that they will be given the perfect moments to speak them. This is priceless and I know how it seems too good to be true. It isn't though, this is what happens to some degree every day in my office or over zoom. People get closer to themselves and find it easier to live more fully in relationship. They find it smoother to be in their households and in their work environments. If you are interested in coming to meditation or having a private session, just reply to this email or click here to book from my website. I offer Monday meditation 10am central online or in person. Starting next Wednesday Oct 5 regular classes at 6:15pm central, also online or in person. The Wednesday class is longer, with a bit more conversation and connection between the people and a warm beverage to enhance meditation. If you need a different time for a private session than what is available online, let me know. I can often work out evening or weekend session. Much love Sheri

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