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Aloha is the true meaning and symbol of the Hawaiian culture and lifestyle: respect and love one another, and live in harmony with everything around you. Aloha is not something that is spoken, it is something that must be experienced. A traditional Hawaiian greeting starts by sharing ha, or their breath I feel like I belong here Everyone greats you with Aloha And they mean it in the terms listed above I will say that my energetic way of being is understood, not just respected here. Unlike anywhere I have ever been, I have met like minded people almost every day who have enveloped me with Aloha. Invited me into their homes and their communities and often made me a meal My first Sunday at the Farmer’s market, I met a farmer who invited me for a meal. When I got there, he walked me around his property to see all his fruit trees, his growing operation and gave me fresh avocado and fruit and took me into his lava tube! That is a cave made from a lava flow. If you know me, you know I love being inside the earth. What a wonderful experience! Also one of the most respectful people with no expectations of me. I have wondered about that almost every time I have been invited somewhere. What are their expectations of me? Every time. No expectations, just a willingness to share the aloha spirit I thought before I got here I would be doing a lot of yoga and spending time with my body, writing a lot and doing a deep dive on a online course I had purchased. I was wrong! I have rediscovered my playful nature I have adventured I have rested and I have worked online more than I thought I would have the opportunity to I have been guided by the island and her people to places with unimaginable energy My spirit has soared and my body is being restored, not so much by efforts, but by love, with flow, with food and with community who respect and even live the way I live I have been going to sound healings with the most beautiful alchemical bowls I had an introduction to this type of bowl from my friend Jane, but I really didn’t understand. Jane is such a magical being with a voice like an angel, that I thought it was as much her as the bowl. That might be true, but as I have been in the presence of so many of these bowls since being here, I know now, the bowls themselves are the most magical creations with a life of their own If you have read my emails or been to my classes in the last few months, you know I have been using a frosted crystal bowl and I have said many times that I see myself with 3 bowls, but they just weren’t in my plan at that time Well, Sunday I went to a very big sound healing with someone who sells these special alchemical bowls, with no real intention of buying any, but thinking in the back of my mind, that maybe I would consider buying two to complete the vision of seeing myself with a set of 3 Well, long story short I bought three Yesterday I picked them out Sunday and refused to commit, but went back yesterday to buy them because I missed them (I know that sounds weird) They have already changed me and my work, to some degree They are family and I can’t wait to bring them to class I facilitated one session this morning and the energy of one of the bowls was so strong in that session without even playing a note I have often spoke of and worked with the divine feminine, but this one bowl holds the energy of the Grandmother (deep earth and understanding) and the Grand Central Sun We got both of those energies in that session. The wisdom, the softness, the clarity, joy and excitement for a new way of being in the world was so exquisite , I just can’t put it into words quite yet This was HER next piece that she needed as much as my own Below are photos of the bowls. I included the single one only because in the first picture, you can’t quite see how beautiful she is I do hope you join me for a session with them They are pure magic! They will be coming with me to regular Monday and Wednesday evening meditations, but I will be using them more in sessions too and creating more events as I get to know them even better A general synopsis of the bowls There is SO much more than what I am writing here, and if you have never experience sound healing, you are in for a treat if you experience these bowls If you have experienced it - This is next level! Azeztulite Grandmother The orange bowl merges heaven and earth even more than I do on my own It holds a deep earth wisdom, compassion and an earthiness unparalleled combined with wisdom from the grand central sun and all the expansion that offers It amplifies your divine nature and grounds you at the same time Azeztulite is said to carry one of the highest vibrations of the mineral kingdom as well as manifest energy, it opens one to remembering and re-membering. It allows for being in the world and not of it Rhodochrosite Platinum The pink bowl, she shimmers with blue and orange in the right light as if they were always meant to be a set, and if you saw everyone walk past them on Sunday, it was as if we could all tell, that they were She works with divine creation and offers heart opening by resonating trauma of all kinds including sexual, encouraging of self love, confidence, worthiness, self forgiveness, and helps you see your own beauty, balances emotions, empowers you, helps create healthy habits Androgynous Indium The blue bowl Helps to balance masculine and feminine energy and restores physical health There is balancing energy for the endocrine system, it encourages mineral absorption, encourages flexibility, adaptability and resilience. It encourages flow of all kinds (and that is one thing I was hoping to bring home from Hawaii, my capacity to go with the flow and accept all the gifts of life) I cannot wait to see my regular crew, to see how you react to them and watch you soar from being in their presence and listening to their song My next class will be Wednesday August 16 Register here My son and you all who will play with these are the only reason I am willing to come home (only joking a little) I love working from here and even people who didn’t think it would be the same online are loving it! Let me know if you want a session online I have time So much love Sheri

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