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A new theme in meditation

Every few months we get a new theme Over six months, it was tapping into the wisdom in the deep recesses of the mind The last few weeks I have noticed a new pattern that we don’t always work heavily with, but it has shown up every single group session since I came back from Hawaii and even before I left. I just wasn’t focussed on it until this morning when I sat down to write I get the “weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down” actual words coming in and the image and sensation that goes with it is super grounded in the hips and legs and I see a triangle of light (visual and sensation) that points down into the pelvic floor and expands up and out allowing this expansion of creativity, joy, experience, new learning, new, new, new, new everything When will this new show up in our lives? it is coming in in bits and pieces every day When will we feel it? when we are open to it When will we experience the fullness of it? everyone is different, but when you play, when you take action on the days that you can to do new things, to learn new things, when new opportunities present themselves are you taking them?? It is up to you when you experience it In Monday and Wednesday meditations the last week there is another theme Untying and Untethering from relationships that make you feel responsible to others in aspects that are not your responsibility Who makes you feel like they need you so they are happy? Who are you carrying that could carry themself? Are you willing to create a new relationship with that person? You don’t have to end relationships to save yourself, you just have to be willing to restructure them You can choose to feel differently I know that sounds too simple because it is a process Sometimes it takes space or distance and/or conversation More often, it takes a decision and commitment, and small steps But isn’t it worth it if it is holding you back from feeling alive? isn’t it worth it if it has been affecting your mental or physical health? if it has been keeping you in looping patterns that aren’t serving your best interest? An energetic opening in meditation class came in the form of a question that had no intention of being answered with the mind How can I be more myself in relationship with others? How can I be more myself always? We breathe into the body as we allow more of ourselves to drop in energetically It is an experience that I can’t explain It takes presence and stillness, so I invite you to take a breathe and allow in this moment, more of you to drop in

Wednesday Evening Meditation We are having fun with community, connection and beverages that help soften our nervous system, open our mind and restore our soul Well, that isn’t all due to the beverage, that is just what happens on a weekly basis with the whole event We have a wonderful group that changes up a little bit every week, but honestly, we usually have one space open Click here, reply to this email or text if you want to join

My health journey If you have been following the videos about my health, the next one I had anticipated doing was on Brainspotting I didn’t have time to create that yet, but I will possibly do that this afternoon and post it on social media I can tell you it was the thing that helped me feel so confident in my decisions and be able to change my food habits I worked with my relationship to food, how I had always used it for connection in healthy and unhealthy ways I worked with my abuse of food and how I abused my body by restricting food so much in my 20’s which gave me the capacity to fast in a healthy way I tapped into the wisdom of my mind using brainspotting to help me determine my treatment plan and I told myself a lot of things that have proved to be true about the creation of the environment that fostered tumors, and I knew in the deep recesses the order in which my body would heal When healing holistically, you must get the whole body in working order and honestly I am still working to heal the cause of the cancer even though the tumors are gone My focus at this point is to prevent a reoccurrence that focus extends mentally, emotionally and physically I truly wish the medical system would recommend protocols to prevent And yes, we all know healthy people who eat right and exercise that have health problems, but for those that have choice, may we choose foods, habits and practices that promote LIFE Much love Sheri

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