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What is relating with Planets?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

By integrating the energy of all 9 planets in our solar system, you can come to peace and balance inside yourself. I have created a series of meditations and journal prompts to assist you in accepting all of yourself in your strengths and perceived weaknesses.

The first planet I came to know intimately or personally, was Saturn. It was February 2020. I knew my marriage of 18 years was falling apart. My husband and I knew we would not spend the rest of our lives together.

I wanted to be prepared for what the year had in store for me. I could feel it was going to be a big year. So, I booked an astrology reading with someone who some of my friends had used.

I didn't look at having an astrology reading as trying to control things. I looked at it as preparation. I know better now. I was so badly trying to outwit the universe or control something that was uncontrollable. I have a much better understanding of what these streams of energy are and how they can be used, not manipulated.

Saturn was prominent in my chart for the year and Saturn has a bad reputation for being a task master, a college professor and very difficult to deal with. the astrologer kept showing me month after month what difficult lessons I was going to learn. After about 40 minutes of this reading, I melted down. I told her she wasn't doing her job, that I was there for support and how to use this energy, not a dooms day report.

After several minutes of silence, I asked her, can't we befriend the planets? Can't we use the energy in a way that is more gentle? She told me that she had never thought about it like that. But that she thought it was possible.

I got off that call (I was not talking to Mandi Rae) and I sat down and talked to Saturn. I told him that I never went to college and that I didn't want to have that kind of relationship with him. I wanted to be friends and I wanted to use his energy to help me, not be broken by it. My marriage had already broken me.

We walked through that year with as much ease as possible. It was hard, but I didn't feel punished. I felt supported. I still learned a lot, especially about resistance. That is why Saturn has a bad reputation. He shows you where you have resistance. Now when I bump up against resistance, I don't harden against it, I soften. I open and I am willing to learn.

This is what opened me up eventually to all the planets. One by one they came into meditation classes and told me how they wanted to be seen and worked with.

Pluto has a bad reputation as well. He is considered the Lord of the Underworld. He came into meditation and told me that he doesn't like that title. That creates blame. He didn't create our underworld, he shows us what is there and what needs to be worked with. He is the energy that wants to hold our hand while we walk through the darkness.

I have since never felt alone in my dark days. I have a friend who sits in the dark with me. I feel loved and supported when I find myself being human more than divine and I truly understand that sitting in the darkness is exactly where I find my light and my magic. Pluto is transformation, he will exalt you if you are willing to surrender.

I hope to tell you this package of meditations will be ready this week, but it will be ready soon even if not this week.

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