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Wednesday gathering, Connect to the origin of you and your future self

Wednesday gathering

Today before I go into the message from meditation I want to remind you that this week is Wednesday evening gathering. I know it is 4th of July week, so I am not sure how many people will be available. Let me know ASAP if you want to gather to get into the celebration of freedom and start creating new neural pathways to create stronger foundations.

We will certainly drink something refreshing! I plan to make a cold infusion with mint and other herbs to, as always, soften the nervous system and delight the senses

Let me know ASAP if you plan to join. Click here to sign up or text

Monday Meditation was Incredible. We connected in with the origins of ourselves, our soul that came into this body before it had to deal with family dynamics, society expectations and trauma.

We remembered the joy, the purpose and clarity of our being. We breathed that in through the crown and as we touched what didn't resonate with that, we just sat with it until it taught us something or it dissolved.

Then through the creative center, we breathed in the connection to our future selves, the part of us that took practical steps to connect to our joy and purpose, the version of ourselves that already learned the lessons, created more safety, and connected more to the love that we naturally are.

We balanced the energy in our creative center between our masculine and feminine, the being and the doing. We talked structure and organization as part of that balance.

I keep reading and feeling in my personal life, that right now is time to do the foundational work of structure again and that it is time to be wiling to work with the tools of the future, or to change the way we work either with technology or update our practices in some way. That can mean something different for everyone, but it can be a time to ask yourself if there is any part of your life, business, or body that needs to be better grounded or prepared for the future.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are about anything you need. We can create new, healthy neural pathways around relationships, work, productivity, but I am loving the work I am doing lately with health.

Are you as healthy as you want to be?

Do you feel like your body is going to age well?

Could you be supporting your body better with food or exercise?

I can help you train your brain to seek health rather than immediate comfort. A healthy body is the most comfortable thing!

Did you know your brain is where cravings start?

Did you know that without pills or shots, you can teach your brain to crave what is supportive for your mind and body?

This is what I am having the most fun doing. I did it for myself last year. This year I keep improving my body. I continue helping others improve their health, wellness and vitality.

If you need support with this or anything else, please reach out. I have no major travel plans this summer. I will be here when you are ready

Much love


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