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The body is a miracle, Wednesday gathering this week!

This week we noticed, maybe with the heat, that our bodies were tired. So we gave them extra support in meditation to balance the endocrine system, We brought love and attention to all the organs, muscles and bones, and then fostered the momentum for growth and vitality.

We used the mimosa tree as inspiration, how it is here to fix the soil so native plants will thrive here again. So, we invited that energy into our body to fix our soil (the matter that Is our body)

Then It reminded us that as we watch the fluidity of Its movements in the wind and rain, it silently encourages us to play.

One of the consistent messages we have been receiving in meditation has been that productivity and good inspiration come from play. What can you do to bring more play into your life?! What would be fun, creative or joyful?

What I want people to know the most is how much of a miracle our bodies are. When we tap the part of the mind that knows what the body needs then support it, the whole body functions better. The mind and the gut are so intricately connected that joy returns, momentum is created and all of a sudden you feel youthful, healthy, vibrant and more active.

That is why I am so excited to share the food relationship class. If you know you need to be eating differently to support your health, but you are having a difficult time making those choices, if you don't know specifically what those choices should be, this class series is for you.

We will also address any fears around food. If you have been removing food after food, feeling sensitive to many foods creating an environment of anxiousness which doesn't digest food well, then this class could be for you

When you change the programing in your mind and learn ways to support your nervous system when you get triggered, all it takes is a simple choice

Often, once we make the choice, we find excitement instead of dread around finding recipes, shopping for new to you ingredients, and get super excited when you realize how great you feel

This series will be online for ease of recording in case you can't be there in person every session

Click here to sign up or learn more. Reply to this email if you want to talk about it.

Wednesday evening meditation

Join us this week on Wednesday evening to drop into you, listen to the sounds of the bowls, share in a medicinal refreshing beverage and find the encouragement you need to rest, to play, to find your joy or reintroduce yourself to you

You see, this gathering is about you. Everyone is encouraged to have their own experience while in the supportive environment of a group of beautiful souls

Click here to join us. Online registration closes after 6pm Tuesday, so reply to this email or send a text if you would like to join us

Private sessions

I have been feeling the power of my most recent trainings. I am seeing the progress of my people and I am more deeply committed than ever to making a difference

I feel so lucky to do this for a living

If you are aware you are anxious or you feel yourself get disregulated, you might benefit from a session that teaches nervous system awareness and regulation, leading you to a more balanced life, able to handle with greater ease what life throws at you

If you feel like you could have a better relationship with your body, if you are getting triggered in your relationships, if you have anger rising or you don't even know what name to put on your feeling, you just know it isn't right, please reach out

Click here to book and reply to this email if you need to use the sliding scale

So much love and happy summer to you


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