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Releasing trauma and cellular memory from the body

We started meditation on Monday with LOVE We worked deeply in the body even before we went into the very physical way of using our muscles to squeeze out trauma and our addictions to energies, emotions, activities and substances including food I have been asking people to lift their pelvic floor and relax it for a few weeks to strengthen their capacity to ground in the midst of chaos Today we took it further and squeezed our abdominal muscles to the spine, brought the ribs closer in, hugged our midline up through the chest and held our breath while the energy caught up in the mind Then released out the top of our head with our breath to allow the trauma, the cellular memories and the addictive tendencies to release with them We practiced this over and over We then fostered love in our body and brought a new kind of balance to our entire system since we had released so much We talked about people in our lives addicted to conflict, and knowing when to engage and when to walk away We released the need for anger or discord to fuel us The need to remember at a deep level what is bad for us and why - in order to choose what is good for us The words dystopia and utopia came in, recognizing we live somewhere in the middle of that, we often see how terrible things are or feel into how euphoric things could be, but acknowledging the space between, the being willing to see reality of the in between helps us move forward Try not to get disheartened, moving forward always seems to take longer than we want it to, but being willing to choose and create over a long haul, stopping to dance in the beauty of what is and how far we have come, gives us the patience and the stamina to keep going We must keep creating the lives we want, the community we want, the love we want

Offerings Wednesday evening meditation It is always so full of love and so special I am the most proud of this little community that has a rolling group of humans that are willing to show up, reflect, and communicate their experience of life and embody their true nature, share the parts they have hidden because before now they didn’t feel as safe to be seen or know anyone who truly wanted to grow into their most honest, responsible, magical self Click here to join us Monday morning meditation You may register in advance here Although I don’t insist people register since I don’t do prep work for this class and we always have space There is always something that smells nice and I do walk around the room to help you move stuck energy in your body We have people who meet us online as well as in person There is still sharing talking and laughing, but there is no beverage served we are on a schedule since I have private sessions afterwards It is one hour 10-11am central Private sessions This week we have worked with the fear of flying We have worked much in our relationships recognizing where we have been too selfish and taking responsibility for it with ease and without too much regret or beating ourselves up, just correcting behavior recognizing where others are taking advantage and finding the strength to stand up for ourselves when we need to trusting our intuition We have given up doing the emotional work of others and understood why that denies them their growth opportunity and lightens your load and much more Click here to book I hope you are well, I hope you feel healthy and loved and I hope to see you soon in person or online Sheri

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