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How your daily practice can save you when it is most important

First thing, I want to thank everyone who showed up for class on Monday Morning I love that I pack a room on holiday weekends I always appreciate a new group of people and you were all so present and willing to release, receive and connect to yourself I love knowing I share space in this town with people like you Monday’s meditation did not get recorded, so I can’t go back to it and sit with it like I normally do, but I do remember it because it was what I knew I would record today’s video about the tools that helped me release tumors in my liver and recover my health Click here to access that video of how my intuition prompted me for 6-9 months before my diagnosis to prepare me for what was coming To really trust yourself, you must practice using your intuition. You have to practice that in the small things before you can get to unwavering trust in the big things I remember in my early days of developing my intuition, being prompted to go brush my teeth. I was in the car ready to go to work, way back when I was a hairstylist and just like now, the only way for my clients to get hold of me was the mobile phone I knew I had brushed my teeth, but my intuition kept telling me to go brush my teeth. It would not relent, and finally I just got out of the car and ran to my bathroom and found my phone sitting right by my toothbrush holder! I didn't need to brush my teeth, but I did need my phone and work would have not gone well without it Bit by bit, I learned to listen, to do the things that didn’t make sense but that served me. And this year, in making the biggest decisions of my life, I knew I could trust myself to make the decisions that served me New week’s video will be about brainspotting, the miracle to resolve trauma and access deep wisdom in your mind It is my favorite thing to hold space for you find the answers inside I truly felt the unwavering truth of my condition and my treatment plan through brainspotting

Wednesday evening mediation As always, Wednesday evening meditation is almost my most anticipated time slot of the week. It seems the messages are more powerful and pointed. The community of support is enlightening and gets each person in touch with themselves helping them feel “not alone” in their journey to trusting themselves more and more and more I am feeling an herbal infusion with fruit might be on the cards for this week We will see what the wether is and how the energy flows, but if it is sunny and warm that seems appropriate. Plus, I keep thinking about the strawberry, lemon balm and mint we had a few weeks ago I always provide something to soften the nervous system, open the mind and calm the body to release resistance and receive the messages that are most impactful for you Click here to join us this week or future Wednesday sessions 6:15- 7:45 $26 Please share this link with anyone you think might appreciate a deep meditation and support The link closes 24 hours before the event, so feel free to reply to this email or send me a text if you want to join I always need a few hours notice to be able to provide for you So much love to you Sheri

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