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Fear or intuition

My first week back we had some really good conversation to start out class. Someone said they had felt an ominous feeling one day while walking in a creek. She wanted to turn back. She found herself hearing that chatter in the mind saying things like “it is broad daylight, what do you think is going to happen?” in a needling, niggling tone. So, she kept going She came to a place in the creek where she had to maneuver through some branches, she crouched down and came eye to eye with a snake. The snake slithered on and she turned around We talked about that as a learning experience and we talked about the difference in what fear feels like when you need to heed it (intuition) and what fear feels like when it is kin to excitement or fear of the unknown When you have a deep, dark ominous feeling, when there is a heaviness, this can be a warning feeling you might want to heed or stay very alert. Other times, something comes out of the blue and stops it for you when you don’t listen When the fear has some lightness to it, a bubbling, something that doesn’t feel blocked, this is a feeling that is safe to walk through - while being aware I recommend following YOUR intuition even more than what is written above, because you have a knowing and connection that might feel different from mine Once in meditation, we addressed when you always have a hard “NO” about new things, hard no’s sometimes need to be looked at and reconsidered. (we are not talking investing your life savings in something insecure or illicit drugs, those are allowed to be hard NOs) What we are talking about is where you are being closed minded, where you have allowed past experiences to keep you from expanding your horizons, meeting new people, taking new classes, or just doing something different We are in a time period where we need to expand our horizons. We need to be available to what the universe has for us. If you want to thrive, you must say alert, use or create a daily practice, be aware, and above all, make sure you are healthy!!! Energy is moving faster and consequences of our actions are more extreme than ever before, so take good actions If you don’t know what action to take, have some fun, dance a little, have a hula hoop party like Kathryn, Carol and I are going to Inspiration often comes during and after laughter and joy!!!

Wednesday evening meditation We have two spaces available for this week. Book through the website here or reply to this email or send a text (770)235-7599 to book one of those spaces We are going to celebrate my better functioning digestive system with CACAO and hopefully we will be celebrating some other good news We will see how this eclipse has been treating everyone and see where the energy wants to take us now. We are in the new and I am here for it!

To our Health Since I made the comment above that if nothing else, make sure you are healthier, I wanted to share one thing that I have found invaluable I highly recommend the documentary HEAL with Dr Joe Dispenza if you find yourself in any kind of situation with your health. He gets your mind right and helps turn on all the right things in your body to set yourself up to do just that - HEAL Look him up on youtube as well. His breath work and meditations are incredible and he is very inspirational Also, reach out to me. I am really good with the body once I know what is going on. I can definitely connect the dots, find the underlying energetic issue and help you find the treatment plan that will work best for you All bodies are different and everyone needs the right combination of whatever kind of medicine works for them You mind and your energy body need to be in the mix of treatments for the best, fastest, and most long term results Much love Sheri

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