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Are you willing to question everything?

Your Pure Mind This was the class I really wanted to share with you today It was heavily layered and I am having a hard time getting all the words in an order that does it justice. Words that release instead of teach Are you willing to question everything you thought was true? Are you willing to live from curiosity and wonder? Like a child It was a very big class that went as deep as anything I have experienced and has had a profound effect on me, which I cannot put into words quite yet Monday Meditation was soft and sweet We stayed deep in our bodies, we played with the energy of deep earth. It felt cleansing and super grounding. There were points that I felt like it was boring, because I apparently have the idea that playing in energy should be stimulating or life changing every time (ha ha caught myself) I kept getting the words of preparation and change was coming. I ended up talking again about the three year cycle that is coming to an end this late March So, my only words to you today about the energy of the week, is nurture your body. Ask it what it needs to be healthy and balanced? Even if it is sunny, be willing to continue to nurture, ground, and stabilize I am doing a full physical reset with my food. After the allergic reaction a few weeks ago, a huge histamine response in my body was created and every single food staple in my house is now off limits Things like tomato, spinach, oranges, cheese, avocado, and the hardest, no left overs On one hand I find it frustrating to have to reevaluate all my food, what had been easy, now isn’t I also know that as I honor my body, I will flow with the changes more easily I also know the brain and the digestive track are intricately connected and this is probably not a coincidence

Wednesday evening Meditation Is already over half full Click here to reserve your space Remember the link only works until 6pm tonight I always look forward to this class with less time constraints, with more sharing, with lots of love, ease and safety Last week we used the energy medicine elevate, and it brought us such a gentle, yet powerful rise in our energy. I will look forward to seeing what we use this week We play with all the senses in every Wednesday class Smells, tastes, sound, touch, and visualization And we tap you into your intuition, the 6th sense

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