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A many layered experience

We started meditation this week dropping into our bodies and remembering not only are we still only a few weeks into winter but Mars, the planet of action, and Mercury, the planet of communication are both still retrograde. Giving us the opportunity to rethink action and communication. Sometimes we feel this as forcing us to rethink or reevaluate, considering things go “wrong” in order for us to remember to be more intentional

I learn so much in retrogrades! Rather than avoiding learning experiences I go into them taking deep breaths and as someone who attended today reminded me, that is called the sacred pause. Know what comes from a sacred or thoughtful place provides a better platform to become aware from

We became aware of our heart space and our belly, all internal energy structure felt like it collapsed, as in the old energy structure that created definition between the chakras and especially the protective barriers that we created that didn’t serve us in the same way hey used to

That led to a much more spacious feeling through the trunk of our body and we were able to create a new protective, strong yet flexible boundary inside the edges of our body, keeping our tender hearts safe as well as expanded more than we had ever experienced before

The energy of Thriving came in. We were told that we might not expect to walk out thriving in all areas of life today, or tomorrow for that matter, but just like the seeds of contentment dropped in late last spring, but didn’t feel solid in the body until mid August, the seeds of thriving have been planted

It took all day with this energy just flowing around in the body, but just now as I write this, I feel the energy of thriving attach to something in my abdomen, similar to how once the egg is fertilized by the sperm, it then attaches to the wall of the uterus.

This is the natural order!

The allowing of time and space for the learning to happen and for the energy to take physical hold, for change to take place in the mind, the heart and the body. For new systems to be created that lead to new ways of being

I can see how all the ebb and flow of life build on each other. The more I learn about the starts and planets and the energy they offer, the more content I am with the flow, and the natural order

The sun was special today, and even though it is winter, it nourished our bodies. It brought the same energy as it does to plants that helps them create chlorophyll, it was helping our bodies store nourishment to help us make it through winter. Seeing that we get a lot of gloomy days in winter, I do recommend appreciating the sun and all it has to offer any time you see it in the next few weeks

Wednesday evening meditation is always wonderful, and I am excited to see how we grow together in community this year

Even though taking action is slow and thoughtful, I can feel the momentum that this year is set to bring

What this group expresses almost every week when we get together is how grateful they are to be able to speak and share their true nature, and feel accepted and loved for it

So, if you feel like you could use some support and community, please consider joining us. We usually have one or two spaces available

Click here to register

With so much love and winter blessings


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