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Remember the misfits?

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Next week is Thanksgiving, and some of the conversation before meditation revolved around that. I am going to allow the meditation to speak for itself. It was beautiful. I doubt it will make anyone more comfortable with their family, but hopefully, it will make you more comfortable with you.

The first word that came in was home. We were asked to look at our bodies as our home, for our soul.

I had some essential oil diffusing that had much cinnamon in it. We were asked to get real comfortable in our bodies and feel all that the cinnamon had to offer. Safety, comfort, warmth, sweetness and abundance were what came to mind. Now spiciness has come into the mix.

The next word that came in was misfits. The visual was that cartoon (maybe Rudolf) where there was island for misfit toys. I remember feeling so horrible for those toys, they were the sweetest, but they were different. I always felt like the show was telling us to accept people who were different, yet society and families, regardless of how many people watched those cartoons every year, always seemed to still tell you that it was bad or weird to be a misfit.

We were reminded in meditation that the misfits are the unique ones who make things interesting, that shake things up, the ones that bring change. So, we were encouraged to spend some time loving, not with compassion, but with admiration, the parts of ourselves that don't fit in.

We really went deep into the misfit. And we were encouraged to not put too much emphasis on how sad it was that we felt we didn't belong in our families. We were encouraged to shine a light on the fact that we could not be controlled and manipulated, that we would not conform, and the strength it takes to do that. The strength it takes to be the light when we walk into a room of darkness. The fact that we do have a different perspective and it doesn't matter who joins us there. Our families often don't. Others do.

The next image I received was of the oak tree. We acknowledged the roots, the stable trunk, and the flexible branches. As we breathed with the oak tree, that energy helped us get back to our original energy structure. We were reminded that not only our body has structure, but our days require structure. We have a sleep and wake cycle, we have a work and play cycle. A food cycle that optimally is a daily thing and a yearly thing, eating things in season. We were reminded that Saturn turned direct a few weeks ago and he is still restructuring what we were looking at over the last few months.

Mars energy is potent right now. He came in super soft today. Mars brought grace as we reflect on how and why we take action. Grace as we look at what motivates us. Grace as we become open to taking action differently, from inspiration and not from force.

We worked deep in the liver, since Mars is often associated with anger. The liver is usually where we find stored anger, frustration and rage. We talked about how important it is to see anger as an indicator that something is out of alignment, I used to say when there is a lie present, but we need to know that sometimes it is a lie we tell ourselves. That is why I have moved more to saying alignment is off. So, we lovingly accepted that anger is a natural response to misalignment, it is not wrong or bad, and we have the responsibility to sit with it and allow it to move through and show us what is out of line. Especially if it is ourself!

We talked about the fact that it is fall and that time alone is important. Going within is necessary to learn and grow. I have not spent much more time alone than usual, but I have found that my time alone is richer. I am busying myself less. I am talking on the phone less. I am allowing myself to be more quiet than usual and I am enjoying it, even the grief and tears over my father's death has been beautiful, warm and rich. It is so important to feel and BE, live and rest.

We have space available in Wednesday evening mediation. Click here to reserve your space. Online registration closes 24 hours in advance, but feel free to reply to this email if you would like to come. It is 6:15 - 7:30 and sometimes a little later. It is such a good core group that come. We often have a space or two more, so I hope you join us. This week we are using a new tea blend to soften, open and relax, there will still be oils, chimes, energy medicine and a personal touch. I have no idea what the theme will be this week. Often when that is the case, it is surprisingly profound and beautiful. It is always an experience.

There will be no Wednesday evening mediation next week for Thanksgiving eve. I will be out of town.

So much love


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