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Did you know there is an untapped power source that almost nobody is talking about much less using to help find balance, tap into divine wisdom, and improve our relationship with ourself and others?

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Simply stated, relating with the planets helps you tap into the natural order.  It helps you become more content with what is and it helps take you where you want to go.


Becoming friends with the planets has given me the greatest gift, of surrendering to the flow of life.  It has helped me release my need to control my surroundings to be happy. That need to feel like I am prepared for every thing before it happens.


I am far more content to be curious about what might happen, rather than feeling on guard, anxious or confused. 

I had originally thought this was a program about relationships in general, a guide to acceptance of all personality types, and that is one aspect, that will take a while to round out.  The more immediate affect of this program though, is to get you in balance and in flow. 

This is an exercise in finding your resistance to life, and coming to terms with the fact that we are evolving as people, that is the reason for living. This supports life, evolution, and somehow it brings contentment, and it will help you thrive.  

You can come back to these recordings time and time again, and learn deeper truths, create your own relationship with all the planets and the different aspects that make up all the parts of you.

This will help integrate your light and your shadow.  For some reason we have resistance to both of these things within us at different times. 


The problem as I have seen it in my work for the past 10 years, is we are in resistance to the way we are. We believed, sometimes subconsciously, we were innately wrong.  (the church told us we were born sinners!!!) We are tying to control ourselves and be what we are supposed to be instead of who we ARE. We are trying to control our relationships, trying to control the world around us.  We are trying to mold ourselves into what we are supposed to be and others into what we want them to be instead of accepting everyone for exactly who they are.  


What if there was a way to come into acceptance of your own human nature? And what if that helped you balance or change what needed to be, and also helped you find acceptance in every other relationship in your life? 


Don’t worry,  you are not wrong. You were not taught to integrate anger instead and use it as an indicator of misalignment.  You were taught to resist it and that it wasn't lady like.  You weren’t taught to interact with the earth in the way she is available to you. You were taught that some emotions were better than others. You were taught to cover up very specific parts of your human nature instead of looking at them, integrating them and then automatically not being controlled by them and using them for awareness.  


Even if you know nothing about astrology, getting to know the personalities of the planets will help you get more comfortable with all parts of yourself and others and learn to BALANCE yourself when you are alone and when you are in presence with those who can knock you off balance.

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Don’t think this is an astrology course.  I am not an astrologer.  I am a therapist and energy healer who got to know the planets when they started to talk to me in meditation class.  They wanted to impart to me and the people in my class that as we came into relationship with them, we could live with more ease and less resistance.  That when we come to life with acceptance instead of dread, we get more clear answers, that communication is easier with people, and we have more pockets of joy in our days.  


The planets told me that when we integrate them we are more well rounded and we appreciated others for what they DO have to offer instead of expecting them to offer something specific that may not be theirs to offer.  


You CAN use this to help you with astrology if you follow it, but more than that, this is a FUN way to come into full acceptance of yourself, acceptance of others for what they are, and make decisions with greater clarity, and move through days with more ease.


If you do follow astrology, then what it helps you with is creating a more personal experience of it.  Many astrologers only talk about the “lower” energies of the planets.  I offer in this series a more evolved way to have a relationship with the planets and specifically the way Mars spoke about himself, shows me that they are evolving as well, and that there is just more to it.  


What I will tell you about me, is that even if I am not an astrologer or an expert in all aspects of astrology, I am a human who is doing life and relationship well.


This program is for you if

*you want to have a different experience with what is going on around you

*you want more ease of life, more flow, more acceptance of what already is

*you want to walk forward with your eyes open and being able to change course with more ease when necessary

*you like to experience different energy

*you want to learn to interact with energy and people with more love

*you want to accept the people you are in relationship with

*you want to have fun meditating and learn something about yourself in the process

*you want to make the most of your time with people in your life

*you want to be better prepared to meet new people and go into relationship with more balance and curiosity


The cost of not doing this work… everything stays the same.  That feeling you have of not really accepting all parts of yourself, not knowing your strengths, not being in balance and being in resistance to the people living in your house and the news, all that stays the same.  Stagnant, boring, and much less full of life than is possible.  


This isn’t going to fix every single thing in your life, but if you take the next 9 weeks of your life and listen to a meditation with one planet each week and journal with the prompts, I guarantee that you will feel different

*You will feel better about yourself.  

*you will create better balance

*You will begin to change your relationship with others in your life. 

*You will start to look at things differently.  

You will not ascend into 5D or leave this planet for a different one.  You will not all of a sudden be living the life of your dreams, but you will

*be softer with yourself

*get some new clarity

*learn how to trust your body more 

*have more insight into yourself

If none of those things happen for you after 9 weeks, and you can show me that you did the journaling as well as listen to the recordings, I will offer a 20 minute phone call that will help you integrate the work better


What this is, is a fun and foundational way to begin a new relationship with either astrology or yourself.  This is a way to learn to deal with the influx of energy from astrological events.  It is a way to accept yourself and create a relationship with people who are different that you in a more accepting and less fearful way.


What this is not, typical astrology.  This is not going to help you read your birth chart if you don’t already know how to do that.  This is not going to pull you out of a deep depression that has stayed with you for years or heal any disease.  


This will take any self help work that you have been doing and add to it.  This will expand your way of thinking and way of being in the world.  


Imagine a world where you are happy with yourself.   Imagine knowing that if you still have work to do, you don’t feel overwhelmed, you can accept yourself and you can create a path forward.  


Imagine not being affected by wild swings of energy and if you are affected, you know what to do to bring balance.  


This is what I am truly grateful for in my life.  I know how to center myself.

If you do know anything about astrology, you know that every planet is in your chart somewhere and when you integrate them all, it is so much easier to be well rounded and balanced.  

You may still prefer some relationships to others and some personalities more than others, but wouldn't it be nice to not be so triggered?  Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to accept others' differences?  To be able to understand where someone is coming from is a gift, even if you don't agree.  

To buy this program go here click here

This program consists of 9 meditations, channelled messages for last of a better word, that introduce you to the energy of each planet.  This helps you embody the energy of that planet so you accept structure, grace, your lightness and your darkness, productive energy and restful energy, loving energy, your spiritual nature, etc

Then there is a series of journal prompts after each meditation that you can think about and write about to uncover where your resistance lies and then release that resistance.  

This is natural way to unfold into the natural order. It works immediately and even more over time.  

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