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My mission statement

Regardless of whether you are here for one on one Beyond Therapy

or for group meditation, my intention is the same


It is my purpose  with every person I work with  to remind you who you are, to bring you back to you.  


I partner with you to awaken the sleeping parts of you, calm the angry, soothe the inflamed and set free the imprisoned parts of you.


I want to give you access to your confidence and trust your intuition, even if you don’t have access to any of that right now.  I will help you become more comfortable in your body, in your relationships and in your life.  


You will notice that throughout this website and in my group meditations, I reference astrology.  My intention with that is to help you integrate more of yourself while you integrate the planetary influences.  Every planet is an archetype, and as we awaken those parts of ourselves, we become more well rounded and balanced. We become less judgmental of ourself first, and then others.


You don’t have to know about or understand astrology to benefit from working with me.  I only use it as structure for myself to help you.

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