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I create a mind body connection to increase health, wellness and vitality 

Unblock life and health challenges through nervous system regulation and BrainSpotting to gain clarity and take action with confidence


Beyond therapy 

What if I told you the only work is to breath?

Group Classes

Right now featuring a body healing class series

Corporate Wellness

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Silence the chatter in your mind, reduce anxiety,  connect to your deep wisdom and creativity

BrainSpotting was discovered by Dr David Grand, who was creative enough to change the way he was using EMDR.

When he slowed down the movements and found where there was a glitch in the eye movement, that connected to the place in the brain where trauma could unwind. The client can  feel it as well, in the eye and in the body.


I have found that when we ask the right questions, we can also find the places that know how to physically heal, connect to the more magical parts of ourselves and we can find where our eternal wisdom lives.

Everyone I know who uses BrainSpotting also recommends somatic work to follow these sessions and I have found a way to do both in the same sessions, so you leave more integrated than if you have not done additional work with your breath and your body.

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Beyond Therapy and Group Classes

Most people live their whole lives not knowing how good it feels to be aligned. Creating wonderful relationships, making decisions with a clear mind, being productive and in touch with their creativity. This often leads to work, life, family balance

Are you ready to have the experience that finally brings it together?  You may have read all the self help books, listened to the podcasts, and/or gone to therapy, but you still have some glitches. That's ok, there's support here to soften your nervous system and bring you  back to yourself

Sheri creates an experience that is undeniable. you will feel a shift viscerally in your body. No more autopilot, fewer triggers, less anxiety, less overwhelm, more peace, and the feeling of safety returns. We create confidence, order, and/or balance in your life.

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We live in a world designed to distract us from our essence... Not Any More. 

Imagine feeling comfortable in your body, like you  have a connection to the wisdom of the universe.  That being human is a gift because you can feel your connection to the natural order. You can feel your days unfold with ease, and your path to the future being lit before you

If you have spent your whole life feeling something was missing but you have no idea what it is, welcome!

I will help tap you into the store of self trust designed to help you live a life that is a match to your soul.


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Follow Our Inspiration

Night Sky

Testimonials About Beyond Therapy 

"I had the most magical morning with Sheri Bagwell. I am not sure how to explain what happens with words but I feel empowered, magical, and an abundance of hope. If you feel like you’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, but want to dive deeper within, I highly recommend Beyond Therapy"

"Sheri made me feel safe, seen and powerful. I met her today for the fist time, but like, I love her and I am so thankful for her."

"So far I’ve noticed that I’m not reacting to things the same. Like I am not as emotionally attaching to everyone I see and hear and read I like this much better."

"I just slept all night without waking up!"

"I wanted to touch base and tell you how grateful I am for you. I am feeling so light this week. It is a new perspective. You are a gift!"

"Whenever I see Sheri, I feel spring cleaned on the inside."

"Since I have seen you, I want you to know that although nothing in my life looks like it has changed, but I love it so much more!"

Testimonials About Beyond Meditation 

How Therapy and Meditation Changes Our Lives

Helps you sleep better

" I just slept all night without waking up!" 

Decreases anxiety & depression

"So far I’ve noticed that I’m not reacting to things the same. Like I am not as emotionally attaching to everyone I see and hear and read I like this much better."

Reduces stress levels 

“I went to Easter dinner with my family and brother never got under my skin at all, as a matter of fact, not much gets under my skin lately.  Thank you so much"

Increase Awareness & Clarity 

“I am more present.  I can see more clearly what I actually want and the small changes I need to make in order for that to happen” 


  Beyond Therapy Meditation Classes


Monday | 10 am CST | Online or In-person

Wednesday | 6:15 pm | In-person

Private sessions

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & some Saturdays

Meditation Room
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