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It is time to experience how magnificent you were always meant to feel 

Connect to your body's wisdom, Connect to the rhythm of the universe


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Most people live their whole lives not knowing how good it feels to be aligned  with their higher self and the natural order of the universe

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Imagine feeling comfortable in your body, like you  have a connection to the wisdom of the universe.  That being human is a gift because you can feel your connection to the natural order. You can feel your path being lit before you

If you have spent your whole life feeling something was missing but you have no idea what it Is,                                                                                                  WELCOME

I will help tap you into the store of self trust designed to help you live a life that is a match to your soul.

                                                                                                                   Come home

We live in a world designed to distract us from our essence
Not Any More. 

Learning More About Beyond Therapy 

You are a beautiful human, perplexed by life.  Even though you have so much to be grateful for, you sometimes feel disconnected, unaware and go into dark places at times.  Like you, I hungered for the feeling of security and acceptance within.  A sense of peace.  You are here for a reason.  

Beyond Therapy with Sheri Bagwell 

Are you ready to have the experience that finally brings it together?  You may have read all the self help books, listened to the podcasts, and/or went to therapies that did help, but you find yourself still with some glitches. That's ok, there's support here to soften your nervous system and bring you  back to yourself

Sheri creates an experience that is undeniable. you will feel a shift viscerally in your body.

No more auto pilot, fewer triggers, less anxiety, less overwhelm, more peace, the feeling of safety returns. We create confidence, order, and/or balance in your life.


  Beyond Therapy
Meditation Classes

Meditation Monday 10am central online or in person and

Wednesday evening meditation at 6:15

Private sessions Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and some Saturdays

Relating With The Planets
Did you know that all the planets represent different archetypes and that by integrating their energy you can feel more balanced in your mind and body and create better relationships?


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Testimonials About Beyond Therapy 

I had the most magical morning with Sheri Bagwell. I am not sure how to explain what happens with words but I feel empowered, magical, and an abundance of hope. If you feel like you’ve read the books, listened to the podcasts, but want to dive deeper within, I highly recommend Beyond Therapy

Sheri made me feel safe, seen and powerful. I met her today for the fist time, but like, I love her and I am so thankful for her.

So far I’ve noticed that I’m not reacting to things the same. Like I am not as emotionally attaching to everyone I see and hear and read I like this much better.

I just slept all night without waking up!

I wanted to touch base and tell you how grateful I am for you. I am feeling so light this week. It is a new perspective. You are a gift!

Whenever I see Sheri, I feel spring cleaned on the inside.

Since I have seen you, I want you to know that although nothing in my life looks like it has changed, but I love it so much more!

Testimonials About Beyond Meditation 

How Therapy and Meditation Changes Our Lives

Helps you sleep better

" I just slept all night without waking up!" 

Decreases anxiety & depression

"So far I’ve noticed that I’m not reacting to things the same. Like I am not as emotionally attaching to everyone I see and hear and read I like this much better."

Reduces stress levels 

“I went to Easter dinner with my family and brother never got under my skin at all, as a matter of fact, not much gets under my skin lately.  Thank you so much"

Increase Awareness & Clarity 

“I am more present.  I can see more clearly what I actually want and the small changes I need to make in order for that to happen” 

"The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you."

David Lynch

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Initially you will receive  messages from the planets that help make your relationships more personal with the energies they bring

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Planetary Testimonies

“In our meeting of Neptune & Uranus, I received so much more than what I thought I was getting! Sheri attuned us with the individual planets, helping me to come into deeper relationship with its presence in my life and in the world. While there was an intellectual component, the energetic transmission was all encompassing. With Sheri’s guidance, I could sense how & where the energy connected in my body and how I perceived it in my mind & emotions. It gently rewrote some limiting beliefs that have kept me in a state of resistance in one way or another. I felt grounded, connected, more open and content after our planetary attunement.”

Sheri, I’m just incredibly grateful to experience the planets in this way as you have been inspired to create this channeled experience of them. I just loved meeting Saturn again this way. I have felt a very strong connection with Saturn my whole life, but it’s always been so damned serious and rigid. This was COMPLETELY different. It’s was still Saturn but more fluid and dynamic, more balanced. This is a VERY special and wonderful experience that you have created and are facilitating and I am grateful to experience it and be a part of it as it is born.


Planetary Test
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