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The Food classes

Shift your relationship with food

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Service Description

Food nourishes and sustains us. Food is medicine. The body knows how to function properly when we feed it properly This class is not about weight or appearances, although a healthier body and a deep connection will make you look more alive and attractive. This class is about keeping your vessel clear and healthy, about knowing what supports your physical body, what is detrimental to your physical body, and having the strength to choose health, wellness, and connection to the divine through your body as your top priority Do you cave to the pressure to have that piece of cake? or glass of wine when you don't really want it? Were you taught to bury your emotions, drown your sorrows with sweets or chips? Were you taught that connection with family happened around the table? Or that your could catch a man with the right foods? I still enjoy food. I have new things I cook for my son that he finds delicious, but that don't destroy my health. I don't eat for pure pleasure any more or out of boredom. When I am hungry I do find pleasure in food. You won't loose your connection to food or your loved ones. You will be more connected to your body and able to sustain your health, a clear mind and a more joyful countenance I have found that without trying to connect with my son over food, our overall connection feels more loving and solid because it isn't based on food, it is grounded deeper in the love that already existed I have learned a mindfulness around food that was lacking. I healed my body with food. More than once because I still had the deep programs in my brain around the feeling some food provided. I have committed to not going back to the same patterns. This class will give you the foundation to be able to do that for yourself If you are interested in reprogramming your mind and body around food, I will be offering some online classes on Thursday evenings May 2 and 9 at 7 central. 75 minutes each class I will connect with everyone after a week or two and we can have a follow up class in June if we feel like that is required There will be 5 spaces available Everything will be recorded so if you can't be there, you won't miss a thing If you have ben to my meditation classes, know this is something different. This is more structured and organized with only a short meditation at the end. I will include a recorded meditation for you to listen to daily or while you sleep to reinforce the changes in your brain

Cancellation Policy

You will forfeit your session unless given 23 hours notice. Special circumstances permitted once.

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Located on the top floor or on your web browser 2803 Highland Avenue, Birmingham, AL, USA

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