facebook_1436204368772… The answer to that is everyone.  Chiropractic care connects the brain, via the nervous system, to the body so the body can function optimally.

I sat down with my chiropractor here in Birmingham, Steven Johnson DC to find out why he chose to be a chiropractor and what aligning the spine can do for you.

My experience with Dr Johnson has been fantastic.  We always have lively conversations about life, the body and what we put in it.  I feel like he truly cares about his patients.  He is a delight to be around and gives a thorough adjustment always making sure he takes his time and makes you feel well taken care of.

My first question to him was why he chose to be a chiropractor?

In his 20’s Steven had been suffering from colitis.  He had tried all the medical doctors and all the medications they gave him.  None of that worked for him.  (colitis is a extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient digestive disorder)  At that time Steven was working with a strength conditioning coach and when a chiropractor came in to the practice one day while he was there, he had asked Steven if he had ever tried chiropractic care.  The answer was no and Steven received his first adjustment.  It worked, he felt better.  It was amazing.  From there he started to do research into chiropractic care and realized he wanted to go to school.

What do you want people to know about chiropractic care?

The body was created to heal itself.  Chiropractic care puts it back in the state to make that happen by removing  interference between the mind and body.

Is chiropractic care good for everybody?

I loved his answer to this.  “If you have a spine and a nervous system, then yes, chiropractic care is good for you.”


When you get a spinal adjustment you are resetting the computer in your brain. Your nerves can appropriately communicate to the whole body to restore optimal function.

The spine does not get out of line only by injury, but also by stress and outside forces like pollution and chemical stressors.  One example he gave me was stress, do you know how when you are stressed your shoulders raise up and you can sometimes be told to get your shoulders out of your ears or relax your shoulders?  You can be told this by your mother, your yoga instructor, massage therapist and even your hairstylist.  Well, when your shoulders are raised and tense for long periods of time it has an effect on your spine.  In chiropractor speak, it will cause subluxations, which means the vertebrae misalign causing pinching or swelling and therefore does not leave room for the impulses from the brain to travel easily through the nerve and get to the muscles and organs.

Chemicals stress will also lead to excess cortisol in your system.  This causes weight gain and sometimes it will even build up in your muscles and cause them to lock up or become fatigued.  Regular chiropractic adjustments can help with this.


Do you have a specialty?

Dr. Johnson studied chiropractic for athletes in school and that is his love and passion.  When I remarked to him that I was definitely not an athlete, his response to me was that life is a sport and everyone is an athlete.  He always makes me smile the way he thinks about things.  He is very quick like that.

Dr. Johnson loves to work with people who care about their body and truly wish for it to be healthy.

His website is www.rockyridgechiro.com


He can be reached by phone (205)823-8284