So many people make new year’s resolutions, but what I witness is that can be a recipe for failure.

What I like to focus on every day of the year, but especially now, is how I would like to feel. And then I get my personality out of the way to allow my higher self to line that up for me. My higher self will create the desires in me to take the best action to help myself.

As an example this year I feel vibrant in my body, I feel like I am living my life’s purpose. I am inviting mutually supportive relationships of all kinds into my life. I enjoy having dinner with friends. I enjoy many things I never anticipated. I experience my son, as he is moving into his teenage years, talking to me about things he feels comfortable with and about the difficult things. I feel peaceful and joyful and I feel like I can pull myself back to center when surprising things happen. I spread love most of all. The people I work with feel loved and I am a contribution to society.

When you focus on the internal parts of yourself, allowing yourself to dip your toes into joy, abundance, community, relationship ease or whatever else you wish for – that is what the universe will give you.

At first you might feel a bit of sadness, lack or loneliness. When you allow yourself to feel that too, and have compassion for the parts of you that feel sad, without judgement, that is actually how you heal those things. Which then makes room for sustained joy, sustained abundance and that ease you were looking for.

It is a process. We don’t manifest our dreams without putting in a bit of time, love and compassion. We can’t skip this step. Once you allow the hurt parts of you to feel loved and supported, then manifestation of those other things can happen very quickly.

If you notice all the bandaids you have put on, have come off eventually. Every wound resurfaces if you don’t heal the root of it.

If you want to resolve your behavior or your patterns and create new ones, you must be willing to love yourself more.

Most all of my classes are centered around the topic of self love, but I do have some classes coming up called wholeness and harmony within yourself where that is absolutely the focus. Private sessions will definitely move you into the depth of self love with a more direct path than any, because it will be the path that you need the most.

Here is my class schedule for January.