… The most relaxing, pain and tension relieving, meditative thing I have tried lately. It is amazing!

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This float pod has around 10-12 inches of water and has 1000 pounds of himalayan and epsom salts in it.  It is healing similar to the dead sea.  It is impossible not to float. ( My husband actually has never been able to float in the ocean or in a pool, but floats easily in this)  It has loads of magnesium, which most people are deficient in, and 87 other trace minerals in the water.

Floating is good for every day aches and pains as well as fibromyalgia and other serious injuries and illnesses.  Kristine, the owner at Elements float spa, has a great story about not being able to fully recover after a broken neck.  She had many surgeries and was told there was nothing much to do besides pain pills.  She had to sleep sitting up, she did not want to live a life full of medication and pain.  When she tried this out in an Atlanta location she knew she had found her answer. Kristine now moves her neck around with ease, sleeps in bed with her husband and is a positive and utterly cheerful person to be around.

This is an extraordinary experience.    It sounds a bit weird, but I must tell you, the water is the perfect temperature.  It makes you feel as good as a massage, and it costs less.

The physical benefits of magnesium are extensive.  Magnesium will help pull out lactic acid from your muscles to ease pain, helps alleviate depression, boosts immune system, enhances gut health by moving toxins through your system, reduces migraines and more.

The floating makes your body weightless and that will ease joint pain and any other gravitational related ailments. Spine and joints have the opportunity to realign properly because of zero gravity.  When you close your eyes and picture outer space it is easy to imagine you are floating in space.

You might ask, How do the pods stay clean?  They are filtered 3 times at least between each float with ozone and UV.  It is cleaner than drinking water.  There is so much salinity that no virus or bacteria can live in it similar to the dead sea.  They do provide showers in each room to shower before you get in and after you get out so you start fresh and leave fresh every time.

The benefits of 60 minutes of floating is equivalent to 4-8 hours of REM sleep depending on how long it takes to relax. Every time you float you relax faster and easier.

Floating shifts brain into theta state which is why it is as beneficial as REM sleep and that is the state you are trying to achieve with meditation.  So, if you are one that says they can not meditate, this would be an excellent way to train your mind to go into this state.

I tried this at Elements float Spa located 4851 Cahaba River Road in Birmingham, AL 35243.

They are open 6 days per week.  Closed on Monday  Please call them at 205-518-0800.  Please tell them Sheri sent you because they have a great referral program.

If you are interested in seeing their website for more good information click here

On the faebook page for Elements float spa Kele outlines why you can not do this in your tub and other misconceptions about floating.  To read this post click here and look for the post on Sept 13.

What I have to tell you before you go in is:

Don’t touch your face while you are floating.  The water is so salty that when it dries you will have a crust on your face that will itch like crazy and interfere with your relaxation.  They do provide a dry wash cloth that they put in the pod for this very reason.  Please use it or dry your hand with it before you touch your face.  I do like to at the very end rub some water on my face because it is so good for your skin.

I was very concerned about what it would do to your hair, but I was pleasantly surprised that my hair felt very soft afterward.

My first float I should have had some music playing.

Another amazing thing they offer at the float spa is an infra red sauna.

Elements offers a private room for their sauna.  It can be semi private if you invite someone to come in with you.  The second person gets a 50% discount.

This is the only spa in Birmingham that has a full spectrum of infra red rays in their sauna.   This type of sauna heats your body from the inside out so it is better for your skin.

There are near, mid and far infra red rays available at this sauna.  Most spas only offer far rays.  The difference in the rays determines the benefits that you receive.

There is a weight loss mode which burns 600 calories in 30 minutes.  There is a skin mode which targets fine lines and wrinkles.  A pain relief mode to help with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and migraine relief and a detox mode to assist your body in releasing lime disease, toxins and heavy metals from your system.

I have not tried this, but I plan to.  I have heard and read many good things about the infra red sauna.