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I can’t believe it is week 6 of the program already!  This has been spectacular.  I hope you have enjoyed the energy as much as I have and allowed it to really take you where it and you wanted to go.  I know I have.  Amazing things have shown up for me that I am so excited about.  I will get to talk about it very soon with you all and share my experience of walking through change with the divine.

Monday’s meditation is about Love.  Loving yourself as a divine piece of the universe.  Loving yourself enough to allow the universe to flow through you.  You are so special!  And the universe wants you to experience everything you want and even more than you imagined.  If it all came down to one thing, it would be LOVE.



Here is the audio for Monday meditation



Tuesday Meditation below

When you ask, be willing to receive.  And expect the unexpected.


Wednesday meditation below

Oh my goodness, now that was some amazing energy!  We have shifted our thoughts once again.  Just a tiny tweak that makes a big difference in claiming ourselves and our power.  I love how things are always shifting and changing and keeping us on our toes and experiencing the energy even bigger than before.





Thursday Meditation below

Just when I thought the energy couldn’t be more expansive!  Ok, I really know there is no end to how expansive it can be, but the point is, I am still blown away by the energy and information that comes through me for us.  Please listen to this more than once if you have time today.  If not today, then bookmark it for another day.  This is amazing!




Friday Meditation below

Thank you, thank you, thank you for spending this 6 weeks with me.  I have enjoyed every moment.  I hope and pray you keep this energy in motion knowing that this energy is not finished working with you yet.  There are many blessing and  possibilities that are in the process of opening up for you.  You are a wonderful creator being.  I am always here to support you.


I will be in touch about a bonus class coming in the next few weeks.  It will be at least 10 days.  I want you to keep playing in this energy and I will answer any questions you have and take you farther, I am sure.  I will always keep going.  I will always keep evolving.  I will keep taking you with me if you want to come.

So much gratitude for you.  I love you and I thank you for loving me.




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