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Oh my goodness!  This one came in very smooth and calming, but with some nice gentle encouragement on getting your brain to function at this higher level of productivity.  Keeping the energy lower in the body, so you can work with the energy better.

This is going to be an interesting and amazing week.  I can’t wait to hear about it.

I know I had some amazing new inspiration come in this weekend and I am excited about new doors and possibilities opening up for me.


Here is the audio for Monday meditation


Tuesday Meditation below

Deleting information taking up space in your brain that does not serve you.

Wednesday meditation below

We are still working with our brain today and bringing the energy into the body.  It is feeling calmer now and more normal.  That was a big shift on Saturday class and what I went through last week.  I expect with the fall equinox this week that we will get some more big energy coming in soon.




Thursday Meditation below

Well, that was big, fast moving energy.  Please keep this one in mind whenever you need some encouragement and excitement.


Friday Meditation below

Today was another great day of keeping the energy in motion.  We enhanced the ability to feel our chakra system combine into one massive energy center.  We continued to work with our brain to increase our awareness and our memory.  You guys have really done great work in upgrading your systems.




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