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Thank you again for committing to yourself and to  greater communication with your higher self.

This week we are continuing to love ourselves more fully.

Please feel free to listen more than once if you need to in a row or just a few times in a day.  This feels kind of big, to really release the resistance in our heart.  Loving ourselves for some reason seems to be unnatural.  However, once you embrace loving yourself, it is the most natural thing in the world.

Every time I make more of a shift toward self love, it feels more comfortable, I am more confident and much happier.




Here is the audio for Monday meditation


Tuesday Meditation below

We are still working on self love and acceptance today.  I felt resistance break up a lot.  Congratulations!

I need to speak about the integration period after a big upgrade like we had on Saturday.  As your body released a lot of stored emotional content and brought in a very big change in vibration, I know that most of you were flying really high on Saturday afternoon.   One of the participants texted me on Sunday to ask if her energy plummet was related to that.  The answer is “yes”, many times after you bring in an amazing amount of energy you will need a lot of rest within a few days.  This is not going backwards.  This is called integration.

Your physical body is changing.  Your cells are becoming healthier.  Your DNA is being upgraded.  We have dormant strands of DNA.  Science proves that people who move a lot of energy are activating the dormant DNA.  This makes us happier, heals our body and increases our connection with spirit.  So, if you feel worn out, please drink water and allow yourself salt or sugar if your body craves it.  This will help with the integration.  This process also gets easier as we go.

Wednesday meditation below

Holy ****, today’s was fantastic!  I was guided to assist you in bringing back all the parts and pieces of you that you had lost due to heartbreak and trauma.  This may require another listen unless you have been doing this type of work for a long time.

Thursday Meditation below

Embody the change you want to create.  Embody joy.  Celebrate what you have already changed.

Friday Meditation below

It is time to celebrate!


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