Thank you again for committing to yourself and to  greater communication with your higher self.

I love how the universe comes in and gives information and advice that I never knew would be included!  I do go into a altered state and am sometimes very surprised at what is offered.

I did move my body more  today  (monday) than I have in weeks at the recommendation of spirit and I feel much better for it!  I must admit that I didn’t do anything extreme or even up to the standard I am used to, but it felt good to move and the air was noticeably cooler and less humid this morning.

I was very thankful when I finished and I feel the energy building as I go through the day.



Here is the audio for Monday meditation

Tuesday Audio Below

Wednesday Audio Below

I am sorry, this one went a bit long. It is 15 minutes, but I could not stop because I felt we needed to ground the energy a bit.  We got a lot more information today than I expected again about communication.  I do love when they come in and give the stuff that is so appropriate.  I was guided to speak about communication with people as well as communication with our angels and guides.  I hope you love it as much I loved recording it!  Very high energy regardless of the words.

Thursday Meditation below

Wow, that was a lot of energy!  Combining power with compassion and grounding that all that into our second chakra to help us when it is time to start to manifest that change we are looking for.

Friday Meditation below

That was beautiful!  This has been a fabulous week of remembering who we are.  I love it when the stardust comes in to upgrade our vibration.  It feels so light and almost tingles.  Be aware that as your vibration increases and we work to dissolve the energetic perimeter of the body that sometimes we might feel it as anxiety.  Don’t label it like that.  When you feel that sensation running under your skin or on top of your skin, acknowledge it as energy and you will probably find that it is not bothersome.  It becomes delightful.  And you become grateful.  And the energetic shift is easier and more fun.  Enjoy!


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