Around this time every year I find that my skin starts to look… not so good.  It is a bit blotchy and dull.  It get flakey.  I look in the mirror and just think ugh!  That is not how I want to feel when I look in the mirror.  Last year I found Living Libations sundew vitamin D face cream and I felt it saved my life.  I know that sounds dramatic, but I have never really liked January and February and it was for more reasons that my skin looks drab.  There is no sun.  It gets dark early.  It is cloudy a lot, and rainy.   Vitamin D is the solution for winter blues, and it is good for your skin.

My birthday is in January and last year I was in bed the day before my birthday when I got an email from my favorite essential oil product company.  It was a percentage off this vitamin d cream and free shipping.  I asked my husband if he had gotten me anything yet.  He had not, so I said I was going to order this and it could be from him.  He was ecstatic that he did not have to shop and I was going to be so very happy with my gift.  I got that email from Living Libations a week or so early this year and we did the same thing.  And I was even more happy this year than last!  It actually showed up exactly on my birthday and I needed it badly.

I was just recovering from a terrible cold and the skin around and under my nose was raw, chapped, cracking and just screaming in pain.  After two applications my skin felt like a baby’s in comparison.  Iain and I could not believe our eyes.  It was almost a miracle how healed it was and almost normal color.  Much less my attitude was changed because vitamin D has so many benefits.  It takes a lot less Vitamin D to do all the wonderful things it can do when you put it on your skin.  The skin is where vitamin D is created and processed, so it makes perfect sense that when you apply it to your skin, your body can absorb it much better than when you ingest a supplement.

There are many other complimentary ingredients in this Sundew Vitamin D cream.  I will go over them at the end, but here are a few benefits of getting more vitamin D into your body.

Vitamin D is:

anti inflammatory

fights cancer and obesity

builds bones

protects against radiation

improves immune system

improves mood (this is a big one for me this time of year)


Food sources for vitamin D in case you want to add some vitamin D to your diet without buying this cream.

  • salmon
  • sardines
  • egg yolk
  • shrimp

Natasha Turner, naturopathic doctor, says for people with chronic fatigue it improves muscle function, blunts your appetite, protects lung function and lowers blood pressure.

You can not turn sunshine into vitamin D through glass, so while you are out driving or sitting in front of a window, even if it looks and feels good, you are not going to make vitamin D.  I did not know this, but it makes perfect sense.

Please try this Sundew vitamin D face cream if you do not like the look of your skin this winter.  I even use it on my body when the skin is inflamed.  It also contains turmeric and sea buckthorn berry which are both anti inflammatory.  It has properties that reduce cancer, it is anti aging and ingredients that speed healing which must be why my skin healed so beautifully from my cold.  http://www.livinglibations.com/default/products/body-care/grace-the-face/sun-dew-transdermal-vitamin-d-creme is the link that will describe all the benefits better than I ever could.

What do you use on your winter skin?