Here is a little video I created to help you get more in tune with your intuition. I created it to promote a talk I am doing next Tuesday in Birmingham entitled “Developing your intuition in business and your life”. However, anyone can use it to get out of your head and into your body to help you get more clear and look at things in ways that you haven’t before. Below the video I will include the details of the talk. If you happen to live in Birmingham, you are invited.

Here is the facebook invite.
Innovation Depot Inc
1500 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203

In order to tap into our intuition we must find a way to get out of our mind. Our mind is so trained to look for obstacles and to avoid problems, that it doesn’t always look for different ways of being, or different ways of thinking. Shifting our focus from a problems mentality to a creative place will certainly help.

I use energy exercises to train the mind and the body to act and react differently which gives different results. We will learn how to train our adrenals to calm, we will find something easy that we can do differently to open different pathways in our brain.

This will be fun and certainly a different experience than most of you have had.