The topic of anger has come up a lot lately.  I have dealt with it in my personal/professional life as well as in the private sessions that I facilitate.  So, I wanted to address this  concept with you.  It is a slightly different concept around anger that if you pay attention, you will probably find some truth in it for yourself.

Anger is actually a gift.  Every emotion serves a purpose.  People believe that anger is not a spiritual emotion.  I beg to differ.  A few years ago I remember going to a class and being given this little tidbit of information.  When you feel anger, there is a lie present.  This can be a lie the other person is telling you.  More importantly it could be a lie you are telling yourself.  It could be a combination of both.  I have been paying attention and I have found this to be true.  I kind of forgot this for myself until I was faced with anger that I could not dismiss recently and as I sat with the anger and allowed it, I found the lie.

Those same people who made me so angry tried to use my anger against me to tell me that I was not spiritual, that I was not a happy person who was filled with love or light.  They were very surprised that I called them on the lie they were telling me and they tried to make me feel bad for doing it.  That usually happens when you are dealing with people who want to manipulate you.

They were flat wrong!  Don’t forget, even Jesus got angry.  Anger is spiritual.  Anger is a gift.  And if you allow yourself to have anger without judgement of it, you can be aware of the lie.  The lie and the anger can pass through your system and you become free of both.  I will reiterate my point here in a different way.  You must not judge your anger if you want to find Your truth.

Then with a clear head, you can determine what to do about it.

Sometimes you do something.  Sometimes you don’t, but awareness gives way to the truth and empowers you to make better decisions.

In the comments section below tell me how you feel about this article.  Reflect on your anger and see if you can find any truth to this statement.