I thought I was over the toughest part of transformation…  Never think that.

It turns out that sometimes when you dramatically expand your energy and increase your vibration of love and joy, everything that had prevented that before must also vibrate out of your system.  So, after upgrading my vibration exponentially (biggest shift in shortest span of time) and sharing the love so freely with my community in person and online, I have been very quiet the last month.  Yes, I traveled a lot and had a lot of fun, but last week I was left trying to figure out what was going on.  And what to do about it.

There is too much rise and fall of your energy in times of change” was one of my thoughts last week.  “This is not the change I was looking for” was another.  There was a moment or two when I thought I just couldn’t take much more.  I didn’t think it would feel like THIS.

Well, it IS exactly the kind of change I wanted and asked for.  It just doesn’t always look like we think it should.

We can not be balanced every day.  We are human, living human experiences.  We get news.  Sometimes we watch news.  We experience changes in our lives and families.  Things happen.  There are other emotions to experience besides love and joy.  And there is nothing wrong with any of them.

I started to ask the universe questions yesterday like “What is the next best step for me to take right now?” and felt led to write just for myself today with pen and paper.  Wow, what a difference a day makes.

I got so much inspiration from that writing.  Inspiration that had nothing to do with what I was writing about as well as what I was writing about.  Because my angels and guides knew I was open to hear them, they started transmitting like crazy.  I was taking notes on my computer for business inspiration and physical notes in my notebook for personal inspiration.  There was so much clarity in what I was releasing.  What was mine and what was for other people to release were all mingled together.

There was so much clarity in what I was receiving.  I was receiving peace in my situation.  I was receiving lightness and love.  Assurance that the universe has my back.  When you can open to it, it is there.  Every time.  For you too.

From that writing there are so many actionable steps for me to take to induce even more clarity.

It was incredible.  I thought to myself,  “I should have started this earlier in the week”  Then my guidance replied to me that I really did need to sit in that depression and suffering for a few days.  If I had tried to “get over it,”  it either would not have worked or I would have had to go back to it another day.

My take away, It is a fine line between sitting in the dark too long and not long enough.

Every day I had tried to elevate myself.  Every day it worked for a few minutes here and there.

I did notice support from my guides.  They gave me just enough joy and meaningful interaction during those days to get me through it.  They reminded me why I was here and that there is plenty of love in the world, even if I was not feeling it right then.  It was my time to release a little more sadness, loneliness and feelings of disconnection in order to truly embody the light, the love and the oneness all the way into the fibers of my body and being.  (cells, molecules, DNA and all the space in between)

Expansion is sometimes painful.  But it is worth it.

Our bodies are a gift.  Our emotions are a gift.  Our guides, friends and the nature around us are all a gift to us.

Where I sit today after going through another big shift in vibration, I will take it.  I feel the lightness coming in.  I feel delight at the thought of my week ahead where I get back to work.

I invite you to an online group meditation on Tuesday morning at 10am Central to get and give energetic support for the highs and lows of transformation.  We are all in this together.  We can be strong, we can be messy and we can experience the fullness of love and life.


Topic: hi and low in transformation
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