The bliss of self love… and the other stuff

Compassion and honesty with our self

Last week I challenged you to ask yourself what you would want from a partner in order to consider it a “good” relationship. Then I challenged you to start the process of creating that relationship with yourself.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself you love you. Tell yourself all the things you would want your long lost love to say to you. If you missed that post, click here to read it and watch the video to get you up to date.

Depending on where you are on your journey of self love, you could have different reactions. The first time I did this years ago, I couldn’t hold my gaze at all. I looked away like I was a stranger on a busy street. “How weird” I thought to myself. But the more and more I looked at myself, the more comfortable it became. Until I was able to fall into my own eyes and see the universe in there. How wonderful!

I expected more of that as I was prompted to start this series with you. I expected encouragement from my higher self. I expected lots of love and admiration. And I expected a lot of “good work” and things like that from my higher self. I did get that. The first two days my communication with my higher self was taken to a whole new blissful level. Then…

Do you know what else I got? I got sadness and anger.

I did choose compassion and honesty as topics that I wanted to cover in this series. And I found that I still needed to have them for myself. You see, sadness and anger and other very strong and dark emotions live in layers in yourself and even though I am no stranger to those emotions, I was surprised that they still lived there to the degree I found them. So, I had to enact very much compassionately and honestly with myself in order to get to the other side of them.

You see, we have lived lives up to this point in which we have encountered much darkness. Much more than that, these things are encoded in the DNA. Science proves that oppression, trauma, grief and the like actually do get passed down in the DNA and we are here in this time, in this moment of time, to transmute this stuff to the light. Science also proves that we can change our DNA by bringing in more light. Are you willing to move into even more light? Are you willing to let this physical light permeate your physical body to bring your life into a much more blissful and rewarding state? Thing is, we must shine the light on all the darkness to be able to do that. As I write this there is a lightening happening in my body. That means there is TRUTH in those words.

Have compassion for yourself in the moments where you are looking at your darkness. As you are judging yourself for having feelings, have compassion. And as much as that, be honest with yourself. Allow yourself to know your darkness and love yourself through it like you would your own small child.

The video below is filled with compassionate energy. The energy that allows honesty to come through and know it will be ok because the energy of your higher self will follow with the action steps necessary to get you to get you to a place of comfort and joy. More comfort and more joy than you could have anticipated.

Remembering the question when you need to be honest with yourself. “Am I choosing based on love or on fear? I go into how to use this at the end of the video.

Our next week will cover judgement of ourselves and others, but mostly judgement of self! So be sure to put your name and email address into the box below to get the next installment of this self love series sent to your inbox.