Thank you so very much for joining the community.  We are privileged to have you here.

Regardless of whether you have experience with meditation or not, you can’t get it wrong.  If your mind wanders, just thank the thoughts for coming up and bring your attention back to your breath.  If you go somewhere else in your mind, your body, or what feels like out in the universe or to complete silence.  It is all perfect.

Please allow yourself to have your experience of this.  I am only  guiding you with suggestions for breathe and focus.  I am here to empower you.  I am here to help you remember who you are and how to become more aware of how you can use the unseen, the energy, to navigate your life.  However, you are the master, and if you have had a different experience, know that it was perfect for you.

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I want you to get all the emails.  I will update you weekly as I upload new meditations.  I will also send out some special free additional things from time to time.