This is a big issue in the spiritual world. The follow through on your intuition, which I call inspired action. So often when we get in tune with our higher self, we are in the space of centered love and inspiration, everything seems possible. We get so excited about the possibility, but the reality of acting on those big dreams and possibilities is overwhelming and often nothing gets done and we end up stagnant. Unwilling to grow, unwilling to expand into the greatest version of ourselves.

Today I am offering you some energy to get you inspired and bringing that inspiration down into your physical body so that you can DO something about all that stuff you have been talking about, thinking about and dreaming about.

Most of the time the universe will give you one small direction at a time, if you are open and willing to listen. Once you take that one small action, you will get another piece. Until you can see and feel what it is that you want to do and then you will have the strength and energy to make a bigger plan that doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

Please make one small step today. And if you need support to get closer to what your inspiration is, or find more strength to take action, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone, email or attend one of my classes.