Oh, how exciting, I remembered something upon filming this little video! That even though it is spring and that sometimes gives us a boost in energy and a desire for freshness and life, we also have to be very grounded in what it is we are aiming for. So, remember if you are impatient about anything, that this is the time to get very motivated in the small details. This is the time to get super clear about your goal and do the grunt work to make it happen. Those are your roots, the grunt work.

So, if you need to get stronger in your core, I remind you that the self love series is up. Click that link to watch, and feel free to watch and do the exercises as many times as you have to to feel grounded in you. Loving yourself is the best possible thing you can do to have your intuition strong and be able to function in the midst of turmoil without giving up and going back to the same old way of doing things. Keep in mind, I still do those exercises daily, looking in the mirror at my soul to be sure I am on the right path.

And I am sorry, but, even in this magical space where everything is possible, we still have steps to take to get things done in order for later in the spring to be able to flourish. Let’s do this together!