I met Jasper a few weeks after I moved to Birmingham.  I was happy to move.  Everything went as smooth as it could.  However, I found out that everybody is right when they say that it really makes you feel discombobulated to move your family to another state.

Jasper immediately made me feel calm.  She has an amazingly soothing presence.  She welcomed me and treated me with much love and compassion.  She was so happy to share any information with me about where I might find like minded people.  Jasper had no judgement that although I am a wellness coach and energy worker that sometimes, I too feel off and need help to get back in balance.

Jasper truly lives what she teaches.  You can feel that from her when you are in her presence. From the beginning she has embraced and put into practice more every day what she is learning from yoga.

In 2002 Jasper was searching for something more.  She was feeling out of control and could not find peace.  She had been resorting to escapism and indulgence.  Finally her friend gave her a DVD of Yoga for beginners.   The instructor hit her in the right spot when she said “when your body and your mind are working optimally something happens and you are able to tap into the universal consciousness that allows you to understand what your purpose is on the planet”.  After fully participating in the video and hearing those words Jasper knew she had found something that would help her find peace and balance.  After that video she was able to go sit outside and just BE with ease and calm, possibly for the first time.

For the next several years she spent time finding new DVDs to follow along with and spent hours on the internet reading about the philosophy of yoga.  Jasper started to look at life differently.  Things that she had seen and heard before all of a sudden took on a whole new meaning.

One of the things Jasper realized was the breath was the key.  She had a real physical reaction to concentrating on her breath and feeling peace in her solar plexus.

The yoga that Jasper practices and teaches today is not the yoga of her teacher training.  Teacher training in San Francisco was hard as she spent hours mastering difficult postures.  Once she came home she started her own type of practice.  One that allowed her to move as she needed each and every day.  She doesn’t like to see people so hyper focussed on the posture.  Taking focus off postures and on mindfulness had brought fresh energy to poses and they mean more to her than they used to.  It is more important in class for Jasper to be the space and channel the energy that allows you to heal and create your own practice while you are in her space.

Bringing slow and sacred flow to every day life.  A few months ago I was in yoga class when Jasper was sharing that she started to research the words slow and sacred and began to live her life even more like this.  The synonyms that resonated with her the most were unhurried and blessed.  When you are unhurried things become more meaningful.  When you realize you are blessed you are more grateful.

Every day she is willing to recognize when she is allowing her default mechanism to take over.  Jasper used to be type A with a burning need to be more and do more.  Now she concentrates on living in the moment and being content.

When you let yourself off the hook of perfection, this allows your life to move along at a natural pace with more ease and things tend to work out for you better than when you force them.

To take a breath and start fresh is the key to living this way.  In every moment there is an opportunity to do this.

I am so pleased to have met Jasper, to have her in my life and we are both excited to see where she will be in ten years with the benefits of living, eating and breathing more consciously every day.

If you would like to attend one of Jasper’s yoga classes you will find her schedule here http://consciousbodyhealingarts.com/jaspers-yoga.html