exclusive - allergy concept in springI found out last week that I have been doing this all wrong for the last 6 or 7 years of my life.  I had been taking vitamin C, special mushrooms and probiotics to boost my immune system.  I kept trying all sorts of things to help my body deal with allergies and my body created more allergies.  I finally went to see a new allergist to ask if there was any special thing I could do that would help.  What I found out was very interesting.  Building your immune system actually creates an environment of fight in your system instead of calm.  I reiterate, this is for allergies, not infection.

I have been doing an experiment without even realizing it.   A little over a year ago I took myself off all immune boosting supplements.  I continued taking adrenal support.  I was feeling better than I had in years.  I didn’t have any seasonal allergies or adverse reactions when I would smell all the cleaning products and other chemical things in Target or Walmart.  Then I found an organic hair color line and began considering going back to work part time as a hairstylist.  I love that work. I love the interaction with people and I love to play with color.  So, I decided that I really needed to build up my immune system to be certain that I could handle being around these types of products regularly again.  I started pumping in the vitamin C and getting even more careful with my diet when I started to have seasonal allergies again.  The mold from all this warm wet weather started to bother me and I became concerned that I could not handle anything.  This took me to the allergist who explained that I was heightening my reaction to everything instead of allowing everything to pass through my system.  So, I have stopped with the vitamin C and I temporarily increased the adrenal formula and I feel better already.

The allergens themselves do not harm your body (unless it is mold or harsh chemicals for long periods).  It is your bodies reaction to the allergens that harm your body.  This has to do with how your body handles stressors and the effects of excess adrenaline in your system.  I am not saying that we should intentionally expose ourselves to allergens, but we need to support our body by cleansing it instead of fighting the allergens.

It is no wonder why meditation and energy work was what helped my body the most when I was in the height of my allergy problems a few years ago.  This is something that removes stress and calms the adrenals better than anything else.

You can be sure that I will be continuing this topic as I learn and experiment more.

Please let me know in the comments section below if you have any more information about this and what makes you feel better when your allergies act up.