1st Beyond Therapy in person or online

First session / 75 minutes

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 125 US dollars
  • Highland Avenue

Service Description

Beyond therapy is a safe space, whether you are meeting me in person or online. We start the session similar to how you would in talk therapy. We talk about what you are having trouble with or what brought you in to see me. You can expect to have my full attention. You can expect to feel safe and seen. If we are in person, you will then get on the massage table fully clothed, lie down and we will breathe together. I will find the places in your body that are calling to me. I know this because my body will feel something in that space. I may touch you gently, or not if you prefer that I don’t. If we are on zoom, we will look at each other and talk in the beginning. When it is time to go into process, you will get comfortable by lying back in your chair or lying down. As long as we can hear each other and I can see you, that is the only important thing. Often people will tell me that they can feel my presence, even though I am not there. It is remarkable how the sessions are just as powerful having them over the computer. I will feel in my body when there is a release of dense energy or a body memory has softened. I may ask you some questions. I will move around your body, instructing you to breath deeply into different parts of the body or the brain. If you are online, I might guide you to touch yourself on your own belly, head, heart or wherever need to feel support. Often people feel someone there even if I have only asked you to breathe into your body in an area. Almost everyone has some form of visceral response. That could be a tingling, twitch, a relaxing sensation or something else. Most people feel lighter and lighter as we move through the sessions. There is a general format, but every session looks and feels different. Often, even if there are tears, we end with laughter. Often people are concerned about me, they say things like “I don’t want to put all this on you” or “this is a lot, I am so sorry”. Please know this is never necessary. This is what I choose to do. I love it and I hold on to nothing you give me. I transmute it and send it back out to the universe or deep into the earth as compost. It is my truest joy to work with you to free you from your constraints. First sessions last 75 minutes, so I can spend a few minutes getting know you. Follow up sessions are 60 minutes. A package of 3 session $300 and know that I offer more time in one of these sessions.

Cancellation Policy

You will forfeit your session unless given 23 hours notice. Special circumstances permitted once.

Contact Details

  • 2803 Highland Avenue, Birmingham, AL, USA