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Silence stole the show today

It was the energy of silence that I write about, not wordlessness. Although if you find yourself wordless right now, you are right on time. I had a hard time coming up with words for the meditation today Silence is the presence that helps you translate light and energy into words and actions We mainly worked with the structure of our bodies, the bones of the spine, the nervous system, and much work in the solar plexus that came in through the top of the head filtering down through the brain and the mind and into our upper body freeing our rib cage and our sacred center We dropped into our tailbone and allowed the energy to create space between our vertebrae and physically adjust our spine from the tailbone to the waist, then as we nodded our chin toward our chest we stretched out and adjusted our upper spine Throughout the class today we kept coming back to our solar plexus even between the rib bones to adjust our expectations, to release what were always other people’s dreams for us, and we asked to reconnect with the dreams that were ours We were reminded that we were in the last week of Capricorn, and Saturn came in to help us align our physical structure to a new energy structure We were reminded that the new year energy doesn’t always come in until the first new moon of the year, that 2022 was about building structure, and that we have one week left before this first new moon of 2023 to get grounded in to the new structure we have been creating I don’t think it is an accident that Mars (the planet of action and of breaking your self imposed upper limits) looks like he is sitting still right now giving us a different felt sense of him. He really wants us to look at how we take action, what our motivation is, and how we can make our work more productive with less energy or more joyful or something more even personal to you This definitely relates to structure, so it is very appropriate Mercury also came in. He is our connection to our higher self, his energy when you break through the static of his outer belt, is fast and direct As we consciously connect with planets especially in their retrograde, it appears to be magical, how we function with them when they go direct We were reminded that even though things get disrupted during retrograde, the energies of Mercury, Saturn, and all the planets are always here to support us, to make us more aware and bring us to the best version of ourself I love that the people most consistent with their meditation practice with me find themselves during their week noticing how they see the themes from meditation come into their lives and how they are being supported by the energy

Private session offer The group sessions are what I share about here most often because they are more about the collective energy. I talk about what is going on in the starts and with the planets, the themes that affect all of us The thing is, if you haven’t done the personal work of being with the inner most parts of yourself, the group energy isn’t as effective We often dread this work, but consistently people tell me I make it more fun than traditional therapy, and even when they haven’t wanted to come in and do this work, they are always happy that they did So, if you have been thinking about needing some therapy or energy work I have put together an offer that is so good, I hope you find it a no brainer Usually sessions are $125 for an initial session and $100 for follow ups I offer 3 sessions for $300, dropping the extra charge for the first session and they don’t expire for a year, but I find that people often loose steam after two sessions and when they come in to use their last session months later, they haven’t made as much progress as they could have So, I have created a 3 month program which gives you 2 sessions a month and support on a weekly basis via recordings of the group session This is only $600 and you can split that into 2 or 3 payments if you like This will keep you from loosing steam, this will keep you on track even if it gets hard Very much like using a personal trainer at the gym, sometimes we don’t go unless we have truly committed I feel like the extra support of the recorded meditations will be very impactful If you are interested in this, please reply to this email and we will make a plan to get started Your sessions can take place in person or online

Wednesday evening meditation This is truly one of my favorite blocks of time in the week. We have such a wonderful core group that welcome everyone, that practice non judgement, that are so supportive We do all the things to provide comfort and make you feel safe to drop in deep We are using a product called silence to aid us in feeling that energy of presence I wrote about above, we will have tea and lots of good conversation I think this week we will use benzoin oil that I made because it smells so warm and comforting This will be our last week of foundational work before next week’s change of beverage and energy medicine The stronger you are in the foundation, the more expanded you can become Click here to register Don’t forget online registration closes at 6:15 Tuesday evening but that may not mean there ins’t space, so if you are reading this email after 6:15 tonight, reply to this email or send me a text if you want to join So much love to you Sheri

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