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A soft response

We have had the softest time after last week’s tough talk We opened to our heart’s wisdom We cleared and strengthened the energy field around our body We have been working so much with the wisdom in the mind the last few months, that I was kind of surprised that when I started to talk wisdom, I was moved to ask you to open your heart We talked about how and why we cut off our heart’s wisdom, and we chose to bring it back, to get deeper in touch with it Don’t get too caught up in the why, just choose to open to your heart’s wisdom We talked about how different the sound of our heart is to the sound of the voices in our head sometimes. We asked the heart to speak louder to drown out the negative or old voices in our head We worked in the field around our body, brightening up our countenance and getting ready for the eclipse season where Uranus will shake some things up and bring lots of opportunity Without a lot of pressure, we want to stay open and flexible and have lots of fun, clear minded fun Staying alert, not anxious, but alert We worked deep in the body where we have held stagnant energy and we talked about massaging the belly at night if you have been stagnant anywhere in your life or in your mind We ended meditation connecting our new deeper understanding of the wisdom of our heart, to the wisdom of mind and the wisdom of our gut How are you staying alert, moving your body or having fun these days?

Brainspotting is the real deal I am having such a wonderful time working with people using this new technique Dr David Grand developed this technique and highly recommends people use it as a template and make it their own and share with him how we are using it Everyone I know in B’ham that uses brainspottting recommends some somatic work after to help move things out of the body Great thing with me, is that I do somatic work and I have found a way to work with this technique to get some of both in each session so you feel more integrated when you leave I have used it with myself on some long standing issues I was having with my body, like the idea I had such low blood sugar that I couldn’t fast to clear my body Every religion and culture across time have included fasting, so technically I knew it was possible Fasting does some remarkable things for the liver Guess what, now I can! I have also used it, not just to find and dissolve trauma in the mind, but I have used it to find magic in the deep recesses of the mind taking my meditation work and making it even more useful in real time I will have a few opening for this the first few weeks of April and then in May, I will open up much more time Click here if you want to book a session I have not put it on my website yet specifically, Beyond therapy is relevant I recommend several sessions, so that is the link I chose to share, but if you want a single session, you can find that on my services page here

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