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A lofty goal

Happy Thanksgiving

I do believe that gratitude is the attitude that gets us out of a funk, or helps us shift our mood the most

I know the holidays can be a very stressful time, so if you are missing loved ones, feeling guilty for not going to a function, or going somewhere from a space of less than excitement, I see you, I love you and I hope you find moments of grace, gratitude and love

If you are feeling genuine excitement for your holiday, know that you are one of the lucky ones

No Wednesday evening gathering this week. I will be in Atlanta preparing Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house with her, my mom and my son.

As I write this Tuesday morning, I do feel a sense of “the holiday vibe” which makes me very happy!

If you have been with me in gathering these last few weeks, you know that my focus has been on bringing heaven to earth. I know it seems a bit lofty considering everything going on here on earth, but we need the frequency, the clarity and long distance vision of heaven now more than ever!

It feels wonderful to connect there, to feel the love and sense the unfolding from that perspective

It helps to move through this chaos and density

It takes training to connect with heaven and training to hold it, but we are tapping in and we are loving it!

In Monday Meditation

We worked with the frequency of Amethyst, for its capacity to calm the nervous and properties that help raise your vibration, open your crown and third eye to connect you to the heavenly realms

I have heard from two different sources in the last week about how we are working with our masculine nature to reduce war within, that there was a time on this earth where there was no war, and so part of meditation was tapping into the most ancient earth signatures that remembered a time without war so that we might start to embody that frequency and be able to anchor the energy of heaven right here on earth, in the middle of the chaos of war, financial stress, and all consequence of our/ our ancestors actions

Somebody has to do this work play - and it may as well be me and all those who are moved to gather with me. So, thank you if you join me in private sessions or in gatherings. I adore you and I am so grateful for you

If you would like to calm your war within, please join me for gatherings on Mondays at 10am, Wednesday evenings at 6:15 or for private sessions

Private sessions are still $85 until December 21

I have plenty of availability starting Monday next week. Reply to this email or click here and use promo code 2023 to get the special rate

I also did my first private sound bath for a group of women at a home and it was wonderful. Know that is available to you, so reach out if you would love to gather your friends in your home for ceremony, sound and frequency

Much love


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