My friend Jessica Carmon, who is the creator of ReSourced Apothecary, and I have decided to do a retreat together.  It is short notice, but several people have asked us for some concentrated time and have expressed their need for a retreat.

We are bringing the seeds of a lot of things to this retreat and giving you tools to take home so you can continue to ground these energies and attributes into your body and your daily life.  They are all so very important moving forward that we had to include them all.

  • Internal support  – as in being able to access support from your higher self from within
  • building your energy field with your own unique energy signature so that your field quiets the chaos from outside yourself.
  • Increase your capacity to commune with nature – in our case specifically the waterfalls and the trees to be able to calm the chaos when you find it coming from within
  • Allowing yourself to take up the space you were always meant to take up – no more shrinking or keeping your light to yourself
  • waking up the fiery divine feminine – true divine feminine is powerful, curious, fun, capable, disciplined and lots of other things
  • Reminding ourselves of our abundant nature – balancing that with being a good steward of the earth and our bodies

Jessica found a cabin for us to hold it and the only weekend free was a weekend that my son is with his father.  So, it was perfect.

You will need to provide your own place to sleep and your main meals.  Right now on Air Bnb there are plenty of options.  And we love to support the locals and their sweet restaurants there.

We plan to be outside most of the time unless it rains, then we do have a space to come in doors. There are beautiful porches where we can have fire and lie out on yoga mats.

We will gather Friday night, most of the day on Saturday and again on Sunday morning. Mentone Alabama is about an hour north of Birmingham and is beautiful nature.  It is 108 miles from Atlanta by car.

We will be able to be outside with a fire on Friday night.  We will be working with Jessica and the rose through the essence she created and sound to foster your feeling support from the inside even after the retreat.  I will lead us in playing with the energetics of breathing into our bones to strengthen your body and start to build your field with your unique energy signature to strengthen your energetic boundaries.  More on that here.

When we reconvene on Saturday morning we will go for a hike to move our bodies and commune with the water falls to see what the water has to say to us.  I will facilitate some energy down there.

Once we come back up and return from lunch, Jessica will introduce you to Marigold oil.  Marigold encourages us to bring our fiery divine feminine out.  She encourages us to take up space, the space that was always intended for us.  So many women have been taught to make ourselves smaller.  Marigold wants to work with us around the topic of abundance and mindful stewardship as well.  There is always enough when we are responsible and understand our true needs.  Jessica will teach you how to tap this into our bodies to help us restructure our daily patterns.

On Sunday morning when we get back together we will have a tea ceremony and I will lead an integrative meditation.

There will be lots of space for everyone to get to know one another, plenty of snacks like nuts and olives, teas, chocolate, chips .  You will also go home with some goods from the apothecary. I will provide recordings of all the processes so you can revisit any time you like.  Shifting our energy is a practice.  A weekend emersion helps so much and then I do like to practice and remember a few days after coming home to maintain that new base line.

We do have limited space.  Please reach out if you are feeling this.  Here is the link to register

Above is the structure of the retreat, but I want to talk to you a little bit more about the phone call I just got off of with Jessica.

We planned it out together last week.  We knew some of the things we wanted to offer.  We knew the plants and the general techniques that we were going to use, but as we both couldn’t quite get our advertising out yesterday due to facebook, ig and mailchimp (my newsletter) going down, we had to wait.

We have both come to a better place when things just don’t work out the way we planned.  Parts of me were concerned we were advertising this too late to get enough people signed up.  But, we both knew we would need to revisit how we were advertising this. We both came to the same thing over night.  We used different words, but the exact same concept.  I was using intimacy in our relationship with self.  Jessica was using the words creating a sensual connection with the self.  (sensual isn’t sexual)  Sensual is using the senses.  A true presence.  Taking the time with yourself the way you would want your life partner too.

We want you to take time to be with yourself.  We want you to know yourself at a deeper level.  We want you to have an abundant connection to yourself.  We want you to be mindful of how to be a good steward of your body as well as the earth.  We all need to be more mindful and more loving with ourselves.  And we need to create boundaries so we don’t deplete ourselves as we serve the other most important people in our lives and our communities.

We want to bring the seeds of all this to you in our retreat.