I have been sitting with and expanding the concept of self love for the last few weeks. After a really interesting conversation with my friend about taking physical self love into a spiritual place. I came home from that conversation saying to myself, there is still more to this, I am sure of it. The energy started to take shape the end of last week in my personal meditation practice and we rounded it out over my group and private sessions Monday and Tuesday.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of self love in the form of eating to support our health, exercise, having massage or pedicures, using healthy products on our skin and in our homes. We are familiar with wanting to participate in healthy relationships that are mutually beneficial, but somehow there are still millions of women (and men) walking around judging themselves, feeling unworthy, unhealthy and just plain disconnected from their higher selves. Some of these women are even spiritual and bring a lot of care and service to our communities.

I started to think about what makes a relationship with someone else powerful and amazing? It is the feeling of being vulnerable and safe. It is that the other person lives up to or exceeds the expectations you have of them regarding spending time with you, being honorable and honest with you as well as the other people they interact with, having trust in them. The feeling like you really know them and love them and having the feeling like they really see you and love you in spite of your imperfections. It is the feeling of unconditional love. Do you have ALL of this with yourself?

Over the next few weeks we are going to delve into the practical application of all of these things. Making your relationship with you one of the best experiences you have ever had. Then taking that out into the world with you to create a life and other relationships like this.

I hope you enjoyed that and felt a little more calm and connected while watching this video. I hope you try this exercise. I can not tell you how much of a difference the makes in my life.

If you are interested in cultivating an even better relationship with yourself where you are in touch with your intuition and trust your guidance, if you want to gain a greater understanding of honesty within yourself, please leave your name and email address in the box below to receive the whole self love series over the next few weeks right to your email.

Please, please, please share this with your friends. On facebook, over email or any other social media platform. Loving ourselves is the first step to actually bringing more love to our community, our country and the planet.