I believe everyone has their own personal link to their higher self/creator.  I believe we can all be more aware of our gifts and talents.  I also believe that when we recognize our behavioral patterns and shift the unconscious ones, we become even more loving, centered and comfortable in our skin.

I believe that when we touch into our inner child we will discover even more about our own personal magic and what we have to offer ourselves, our community and the world. This opens us up to even more potential than we ever thought possible.

I believe love is the answer every time.  I believe you can be strong and loving.  I believe love transforms everything!  I believe that when we transform ourselves with love, we transform the world around us.


There is so much more that I believe.  I know beliefs are thoughts we keep thinking, and we can change our beliefs when they hold us back.  However, right now, I am good with these.

This is also the basis behind my work.  My tagline “Embody your own divinity” says it as well.  I invite you to know yourself in a more open way.  I invite you to recognize what makes you uniquely YOU.  And I am here to help you with that. We will also have fun while we do it most of the time. There is a time and a place for every emotion, but laughter, I find is a great way to shift energy. When we see ourselves, we are funny. Love and compassion reign, Always.

Here is a little video to help you absorb the energy behind those words and help you reconnect with some childlike joy and magic.

photo credit: Jude Roche