6 Month "Moving Through Change" Meditation Program

Welcome to the “Moving Through Change” Meditation Program. All program information and recordings are available on this page.

A 6 week program to start whenever you are ready

Although you can do this at your own pace for the fastest and best results this program was designed to have daily contact with your higher self.

5 days per week there are recorded meditations 9-14 minutes long.

1 day a week a video class 40 minutes +-

Your 7th day of the week I recommend listening again to one or two of the shorter meditations from that week or one of the previous weeks or you can just keep going with the program.

There is a bonus page with meditations for any time that you feel you need extra grounding and calming.   As we remember who we really are as eternal beings truly connected to source energy we become very light.  So, I added that at the end for some extra balance.

There is a money back guarantee as long as you actually listen to the meditations, if you do not get some results, you get your money back.


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“Moving Through Change” Meditation Program