Mothering Program

Be more confident, intuitive, loving, connected, communicative with your children


Break the patterns that create frustration in your family


We all know that being a parent is one of the most important roles in your life.  Because we are always ON, because we take this job so seriously, because we are emotionally tied to it and because we are often SO tired we find ourselves questioning everything.  We don’t know whose advice to take, which books to read and we are left to wonder what impact we are having on our children and if we are doing the best things for them.

I am Sheri Bagwell and I have created a wonderful program to help you discover at a deeper level than ever, your mother’s intuition.  Through meditation and learning to change the unconscious patterns in our minds around mothering we can come to a peaceful place.  We can learn to roll with the demands and changes of our children.  We can feel confident in decisions and we can know that we are communicating love in a way they can understand it.

We are going to experience LOVE on a scale that is not earthly, but universal, godly and unlike anything you have experienced before.  We will laugh and maybe cry a bit.  We are going to create a community of real and honest support.  

I am mother to Ethan who is 12, just entered middle school and who is an absolutely wonderful being of light, strong character, good health and a joy to be around.  I am embracing the fact that these middle school years can and will be life changing, but I feel we are both well prepared.

Join Me

I would like to offer this class, as a pilot program, to a small group of women at a time when it is convenient to you. Please contact me if this interests you and we can talk about price, space and the time.

This course will enhance your whole life.

I have made it easy for you to participate in this class.  You will be able to make these sometimes big and sometimes small/subtle changes with more ease than you ever thought possible.

  • About a week  before the class starts you will receive an mp3 meditation to get yourself prepared for the class.  All you have to do is listen to it.
  • Come to the weekly classes.
  • In case you missed something in class or need to hear it again, I will send out a recording of the class to everyone.  If you have a sick child and you can’t make it, you can still participate.
  • 24-48 hours after the class you will receive another meditation to put on once a day to help you integrate the shifts and changes in your daily life.  You can even listen in your sleep.
  • We will create a community of support in person and online with a facebook page.
  • Once you enroll in this class you will also receive a 10% discount on a private session.
  • Lifetime access to digital content explained below

I plan to offer the program at least once a year. You will have access to all digital content for every class once you enroll in one. This means that as the content evolves, you will get all the meditations and recordings to keep you open and evolving yourself as your children grow and change.