As of today November 13, my site has been hacked. There is no membership content available until we get this worked out. If you feel like you were ready to purchase, reach out to me at 770-235-7599 or and I will get you some meditations to you. Otherwise, opt in at the top bar and you will be notified as soon as it is up and running. We will have this taken care of in a day or two. Unless we just do a whole new site which could be ready next week at the earliest.

When I first recognized that I needed to start to meditate or play in energy on a daily basis I was working a lot, I had a toddler, a husband that travelled and oh so many reasons why I could not make it to live classes. I did almost all of my soul’s work from online resources.

I also run into people every single week who tell me that they love my classes or have heard so much about them and wish they could get to them, but all the obligations, time commitments and reasons why they can’t actually make it more regularly.

I decided to make it easier for them and for people like the earlier version of myself who had no idea how doing this work regularly would change my life for the better.

Now, I love myself to my core. I forgive others with so much more ease. I feel like I know who I am and how to be happy and content. I know how to sit with unease to learn what it is telling me. I have quit trying to be perfect and that actually makes life run much more smoothly.

My mission in my work has always been to empower each person I work with to embody their higher self so that they stay more grounded, stable and connected to their intuition.

The best way to do that is to have a daily practice of meditation and balancing your energy.

This is the basis for my creation of a meditation and healing energy membership program to help you from wherever you are, because truthfully, it is hard to get to in person classes every day or week.

There are going to be three tiers depending on what level of support you need. And know you may unsubscribe at any time.

Membership 1 Weekly 5-10 minute meditation that you can listen to through the week.

You will gradually increase your awareness of your body, your energy field and this will help you become more conscious of how you interact with the energy around you.

This first level of membership is $22 per month always having access to everything on this tier, so you will never get bored and you can go back to listen again and again to the ones that serve you the most.

Membership 2 Weekly 5-10 minute meditations plus weekly mp3 recordings of live in-person classes usually around 40-45 minutes.

This will deepen your practice when you have the time. Also having access to all the recordings for the entire time you are a member of this site.

This second level of membership will be $33 per month

Membership 3 The weekly short meditations, plus the weekly class recording, AND one live online meditation and healing energy class per month around 75 minutes.

We will have time for one or two questions per week or sharing of whatever variety is appropriate for you to take your practice even deeper. Recordings provided if you can’t make this live from wherever you are at. You might be surprised how much the questions and conversation they evoke can help you understand yourself even more.

This third level of membership will be a $44 investment per month

Below is a sample of a live group class.

Weekly Meditations
$22 / month
Weekly Meditation + Full Class Recording
$33 / month
Meditation and Energy
$44 / month